Meet a Health Hero: Jillian Bullock

Read more about Fighting Spirit Warriors founder Jillian Bullock, a semi-finalist in our 2012 Health Hero Challenge!

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Name: Jillian Bullock

Occupation: Founder, Fighting Spirit Warriors

Who or what motivates you to be healthy?

I love the fact that I am 51 years old but I don’t look or feel my age. I am healthy, strong and powerful, which makes me feel good inside. I also love the fact that I can train in boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) with people who are half my age. I don’t ever want to feel old, even as I get older. Being healthy also helps reduce stress and illness.

Describe a health- or fitness-related turning point in your life.

Three years ago, I had a torn rotator cuff from MMA training. My doctor said I would never be able to train in boxing or martial arts again after surgery and rehab. It took me a long time to prove my doctor wrong. Now I’m back to training at a competitive level in MMA and boxing.

What “policy” would you institute to make Philadelphia a healthier city?

One hour of exercise a day. Children in school must exercise (i.e. gym class). Employers should have a fitness facility available for employees.

What’s the most important part of your health or fitness regimen?

Through my Fighting Spirit Warriors program, which is a fitness self-defense program for females, I stress why being physically fit is vital to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of rape, sexual assault or domestic violence. So to be a good role model, I train six days a week in boxing and martial arts. I eat healthy: no sugar, fatty foods, alcohol. I get seven to eight hours of sleep, and I relax through yoga.

What is your number one piece of health-related advice or encouragement?

Do the work that is necessary even if you start with baby steps. Eliminate soda or some other unhealthy food from your diet. Walk each day until you can build up to jogging. Do something each day to work toward being a healthier you in every way—mind, body and spirit.