The Checkup: Sitting Is As Deadly As Smoking, Study Says

You can't win!

• Guys. I’m really starting to feel like a broken record here. But I couldn’t not tell you about the latest study linking sedentary behavior with some really gnarly health outcomes (sorry). In this case: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and as many deaths per year, worldwide, as smoking. Yikes. The study, published in The Lancet, found that in 2008 as many as 5.3 million deaths worldwide were due to physical inactivity—you know, sitting on the couch, sitting in front of your computer, sitting on the bus, sitting in the car, sitting … well, anywhere, really. By comparison, experts say, an estimated 5 million people die each year from smoking. See what they did there? “The study further estimates that 6% of heart disease, 7% of type 2 diabetes, and about 10% of colon and breast cancers, are linked to lack of activity,” reports WebMD. Some are hailing the study as pure genius; others are dismissing it as pure bunk. You be the judge.

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