The Checkup: Americans Consume 22 Teaspoons of Sugar Daily

Are we addicted to sugar? Um, yes.

• I love a good infographic. Here’s what I learned from this one on our country’s soda addiction (hat tip to Be Well Philly Facebook fan Lauren Swann for bringing it to my attention): We burn 140 fewer calories daily than our 1960s counterparts, adding up to 51,000 extra, unburned calories annually. The average American eats 22 teaspoons of sugar each day, the equivalent of 51 (!!) Pixy Stix—soda, of course, being the largest source of all that sugar. Speaking of soda, a quarter of us gets at least 200 calories a day from it, and we guzzle almost 45 gallons of the stuff each year. Soda contributes to obesity, of course, but also heart disease and diabetes risk. Want more? Check out the infographic over on the Daily Meal.

• Aw, man. Looks like naps aren’t as good for adults as they are for kids (which is a shame because I love a good nap). A recent study found that older adults who take midday naps may actually accelerate the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s, aging their brains by two years. The optimal amount of sleep, experts recommend, is seven hours, which you should get all at once, at night.

• The CDC posted a list of health tips for Americans traveling to London for the Olympics, including how to call 911 over there (hint: dial 999 instead), what vaccines you might need, and a reminder that Brits drive on the wrong—er, other side of the road. The Washington Post has a funny roundup.