The Checkup: Are You Embarrassed By Your Fat Toes?

A podiatrist in New York specializes in what he calls "toe-besity," and performs surgery to slim fat toes. Oy vey.

• Of all the things I might try to fix with plastic surgery, a fat toe doesn’t rank anywhere near the top of my list. In fact, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t appear anywhere on my list at all. To me, toes are, well, toes. Who cares? Apparently, lots of people—enough, anyway, for New York podiatrist Oliver Zong to say he specializes in “toe-besity” and has lots of pratice slimming down fat toes. Look, I get being embarrassed by your feet—a friend has a funky baby toe she hates with a passion—but would you ever be so embarrassed to the point that you’d consider going under the knife? Have you ever heard of close-toed shoes? Or socks? What I find most alarming about this Good Morning America story, however, is this anecdote from another doctor quoted in the piece: “Brenner said a number of patients—mostly women—have come to her requesting cosmetic surgery. Several women hoped to have their pinky toes removed in order to fit into smaller shoes. She always turns them down, however.” As Liz Lemon would say, what the what?!

• If your coworkers wanted to do a group juice cleanse, would you join in? Jezebel says corporate cleanses are all the rage right now, with groups of coworkers teaming up to drink nothing by juice for three to five days. For the record, I do not see the fun in this. I imagine working with a team of cranky, calorie-deprived coworkers would be no fun at all.

• A recent study says electric fans may have no effect in extreme heat—that when temperatures are above 95, they might actually do a disservice by making you hotter. You know what does cool you off? Hot coffee. Seriously!