Be Well Giveaway: How Do You Take Your Fruits and Veggies?

The FruitGuys have teamed up with Be Well Philly to give a lucky reader a case of farm-fresh organic produce.

Wouldn't you love to see this sitting on your stoop?

>> Psst! We announced a winner over here!

In case the gorgeous weather isn’t enough of an indicator, spring is almost here! To celebrate the best season of the year (you know it’s true), we’ve teamed up with the FruitGuys to give a lucky reader a case of fresh-from-the-farm fruits and veggies to help you start the season on the right foot.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling us what your favorite fruit or veggie is and how you like to eat it. Maybe you’re super into juicing. Or are you a grill hound? A salad fiend? Do you like your produce au naturel? However you get the good stuff down, we want to know.

Leave a comment on this post before 5 p.m. on Friday, March 30th for a chance to win a FruitGuys TakeHome case, a 25-serving crate of in-season, farm-fresh fruits and veggies delivered right to your doorstep. The offerings change depending on what’s being harvested, but this week’s haul includes baby carrots, oranges, kale and celery. Neat, right?

After the entry period, we’ll select the winner at random and announce it on Be Well Philly.

So go ahead—let’s hear it. Start spilling about your produce habits below.