Broad Street’s Bib Transfer Program Is Now Open

Weren't able to snag a spot in the Broad Street Run before it sold out? Here's your second chance!

I certainly didn’t anticipate the Broad Street Run selling out in a whirlwind five hours last month. Talk about record-breaking.

If you’re among the dejected masses who weren’t able to score a spot, maybe this is your silver lining: Broad Street organizers opened a bib-transfer program today for the May 6th run. Check it out here.

There are two processes: deferral and transfer. Under the first, runners who give up their registration will receive guaranteed (though not comp’d) entry for the 2013 race. That means next year, you won’t have to furiously refresh the page every 30 seconds for hours on end to register. The deferral program will be open until April 22nd.

Under the transfer program, you can give your bib to someone else. Read the transfer instructions in detail over on the race site, but note that the transferee will be charged a $15 fee for the transaction. And before you post your bib on Ebay, note that the race will not allow selling bibs for more than the registration fee of $40. From the website: “ANYONE WHO IS CAUGHT OVERCHARGING WILL BE BANNED FROM FUTURE RACES.” (Bold and caps-lock is verbatim from the site.)

There’s also a message board where you can leave a post asking for a bib—then just hope and pray that someone gets back to you. As of this posting, there are already over 70 requests for bibs. The transfer program will close at 11:59 P.M. on March 25th.