Lithe, Barre Studios to Open in Haverford

Two fitness studios are opening (literally) down the street from one another.

Lithe is opening a new Haverford studio to offer its full suite of classes to Main Liners.

Focus Fitness of the Main Line and Lithe Method are opening new locations within walking distance of each other in Haverford; in fact, their grand openings are a week apart. Could we have a fitness-studio standoff in our midst? [Cue the screeching hawk cries and banjos.]

Okay, maybe it’s not going to be quite that dramatic.

Lithe used to have a small studio in a doctor’s office on the Main Line. Space restrictions meant the studio couldn’t offer as much as its Philadelphia locations do, so Lithe decided to close the location about a year ago and reopen in a larger space where the full class list could be offered.

Lithe studio manager Johanna Goode says the studio has a group of clients who’ve been coming to Philadelphia from the Main Line to take classes a few times a week. And they’re pumped about the soon-to-be shorter drive time. Goode says they didn’t know Focus Fitness was opening a new location, but it wouldn’t have factored in to their decision to open in Haverford, anyway. The studio will open on March 1.

Amy Feeney, co-owner of Barre Focus Fitness, the new studio of Focus Fitness, says they chose the location because they felt Haverford would draw in people from all over the Main Line. They, too, were not aware that Lithe was opening a new location nearby. Construction had already begun when they saw the signs for Lithe pop up 500 feet down the road.

“We’re not worried,” Feeney says. “We really feel that there’s enough to go around for everybody.”

This studio is only offering barre classes; all of Focus Fitness’ yoga, Pilates and cycling classes will stay at the studio’s Bryn Mawr location. Feeney says that high demand for barre called for more space, which spurred the creation of Barre Focus Fitness. The new studio will open on Feburary 23, and there will be free classes that entire day.

In case you want to ready your GPS, Lithe will be opening up shop at 393 West Lancaster Avenue. Barre Focus Fitness will be at 367 West Lancaster Avenue, a tenth of a mile down the road.