The Checkup: Rat Testicles Zapped for Birth Control Research

Guys, yours could be next.

• No, it’s not some form of angry-wife-induced cruel-and-unusual punishment. Researchers in a lab are testing a new method of birth control on male rats, by which the poor little creatures get their testicles zapped with a therapeutic ultrasound machine—the kind used to treat muscle injuries—to lower sperm counts. In the experiments, two 15-minute sessions seem to do the trick. The question now is how long the outcome lasts, and whether or not it’s reversible—that’s before anyone broaches the subject of introducing the method to human men. But while we’re on the subject, do you think any guy would actually sign up for this? I mean, beyond the ones whose wives make them.

• Big news here. The Associated Press reported yesterday that Susan G. Komen is cutting ties with Planned Parenthood, which historically received funds from the charity for breast exams and breast-health services. The he-said-she-said:

Planned Parenthood says the move results from Komen bowing to pressure from anti-abortion activists. Komen says the key reason is that Planned Parenthood is under investigation in Congress — a probe launched by a conservative Republican who was urged to act by anti-abortion groups.

• Speaking of breasts, local radio station Q102 wrapped up its Breast New Year Ever contest this week, giving out a gratis pair of fake boobs to a girl from Aston. All she had to do was “submit a tasteful picture of yourself showcasing your tiny ta-tas.” Wow. Just … wow.