Holiday Cleanup Patrol: A Seven-Day Cleanse Experiment

Our Be Well Philly contributor is trying out a seven-day cleansing and detox program.

Every good party is followed by a big clean up. It’s necessary; no one likes to do it, but it must be done. Same goes for us. The holidays were great but now it’s time to get back on track and clean up any little messes made along the way.

Let me say from the get-go: I don’t have any guilt from my indulgences over the holidays. I love the time of year, spending time with family and friends, and all the festive cocktail parties. And let’s be real, it’s nice to not worry about things for a bit and just enjoy yourself.

But two weeks later, I’m done. My body is feeling it: sluggish, bloated, and slightly constipated (that confession ought to help my dating life, right?!). I’m more tired than normal, have dark circles under my eyes; I’m just not my super-energetic self. So, it’s time to clean house. For me, that means a regimented seven-day cleansing and detoxification program. I can’t wait! Sounds fun, right?

Here’s the lineup.

  1. Garden of Life Raw Cleanse (available at Whole Foods): seven days of supplements intended to aid in the removal of waste and toxins from the body to support optimal digestion, bowel health, liver health and immune function
  2. Limit foods that tax the body’s system, cause inflammation or are hard to digest. That means (get ready) no caffeine, alcohol, dairy, wheat, red meat or processed sugar. It’s a big feat, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.
  3. Eat real food. And of course, mostly organic ones. It doesn’t make sense to put toxic pesticides back in the body when that’s what we’re trying to get rid of. Increase fruits and veggies (especially leafy greens) to increase fiber to increase bowel movements.
  4. Sweat at least three times a week. Vigorous exercise plus increased respiration equals detoxification. Breathing and sweating are two of the body’s main processes in elimination and waste removal. (Bowel movements, urination and tears are the other three).
  5. Water. Flush the body and hydrate. I’m aiming for 70 or more ounces a day.
  6. Rest. Down time is crucial in helping the body rebalance and recharge. Emotional stress can be just as unhealthy on the body. (This ought to be one of my biggest challenges as I’m moving this week, too.)

So here’s what’s going to happen. I started my cleanse yesterday and am tracking everything for BWP readers. Next week’s post will include daily logs of food and exercise so you can see exactly what I did for my detox week. By all means, ask any questions you have in the comments section below. I’d especially love to know if you’ve ever done a detox or cleanse before. Were you successful? Did you love it, or hate it? What are your plans for the New Year to remain happy and healthy?