New Year’s Detox: Foods That Cleanse

After a holiday season of sugar and champagne, you need foods that cleanse. Below, three that’ll help you reboot.

Avocados have lots of fiber—a natural digestion regulator—and potassium, which helps reduce bloating. » Use: On a sandwich in place of mayo, or mash up with garlic and eat atop eggs.


Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) contains lactic acid, a probiotic that helps with digestion. » Use: As a side to anything German. Try it with the chicken bratwurst from Whole Foods.


Flaxseeds are tiny fiber powerhouses, with two grams in just one tablespoon. (Note: Whole flaxseeds pass through the system undigested, so you’ll want to grind them up.) » Use: Sprinkle them on cereal or salads, or sneak them into baked goods like cookies.