The Cheat Sheet: Amis

This Marc Vetri eatery in Washington Square West has lots of options for health-conscious diners. Our nutritionist shows you what to order.

Good news: Pasta's not off limits!

If there’s one thing you don’t want to scrimp on, it’s a meal at a place like Amis (412 South 13th Street, 215-732-2647). Ranked 11th on Philly Mag’s list of the 50 best restaurants in town, Amis is not to be, well, missed.

Luckily, diners keeping their health in mind don’t have to sit this one out. The menu at the Marc Vetri eatery has a lot to offer the health conscious—you just have to know what order.

Here are my picks.

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• Eggplant caponata >> Loaded with veggies and a hint of sweetness, this is the perfect start to a meal. It’s as soul satisfying as it is good for you.

• Striped bass with crudo and sea beans >> Clean and refreshing flavors make this dish a wonderful, low-cal starter.

• Escarole salad with apples and radishes >> The bitter lettuce paired with sweet apples and spicy, crisp radishes make this a tasty and good-for-you seasonal salad.

• Pappardelle with oyster mushroom ragu >> Who said pasta has to be off limits? It’s perfect for sharing. The earthy texture and flavors of this dish won’t leave you missing the meat.

• Roasted head-on shrimp with smashed chickpeas and watercress >> The simplicity of grilled shrimp and the rich texture and flavor of the smashed chickpeas make this healthy dish feel decadent and delicious.

• Atlantic cod with roasted fall vegetables >> The veggies here are warm, naturally sweet and filling. Paired with heart-healthy cod, this is one to-die-for dish.

• Fig and marscapone tart with vincotto >> If you must end with something sweet (for some, it’s a definite must), go for this tart—but share it. The dish is on the smaller side, which is a plus, and the main component is the fruit. Vincotto, if you’re wondering, is a sweet, red-wine-based sauce. Ask them to go light.


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Restaurant menus are reviewed by Phillies dietitian and owner of Healthy Bites Katie Cavuto Boyle. In most cases, the individual restaurants were contacted for specific ingredient and recipe information. Note: Many restaurants have seasonal menus and some items may not be available.

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