The Checkup: For a Jolt, Try a Caffeine Inhaler

The AeroShot dispenses puffs of caffeine for a quicker pick-me-up

Three puffs from this little guy equals the caffeine in a large coffee.

• Leave it to a Harvard biomedical engineering professor to come up with the fastest caffeine-delivery system yet. David Edwards’s AeroShot is a caffeine inhaler of sorts, which shoots out lime-flavored caffeine powder that absorbs instantly on the tongue, entering the bloodstream and giving users a faster jolt. While he was at it, Edwards laced the stuff with B-vitamins, including niacin (a good-cholesterol booster), vitamin B6  (makes disease-fighting antibodies) and vitamin B12 (needed for red blood cell formation and brain function)—making the AeroShot a pretty darn good-for-you pick-me-up. TIME has more details—a reporter there tested it out—but just by way of FYI, the product will be available for online purchase within the next few weeks for just $2.49 a pop. Or, you can try and score a free sample here.

• Kimberly-Clark, maker of Kleenex, released a study that rounded up the germiest surfaces in America. Top of the list: gas pumps. New Jersey residents should be thanking their lucky stars right about now.

• I’m not sure if this is entirely a publicity stunt or what, but a personal trainer in Utah decided to pack on 70 pounds so that he could better identify with overweight clients and understand how difficult it is to lose weight. Now he’s trying to lose it all. So yeah. That happened.