The Check-Up: Lansdowne Company Markets Pot-Shaped Candy

I smell a publicity stunt

• Kalan LP, a Lansdowne company, is ruffling some feathers with its line of marijuana-shaped candy, which has been on store shelves across the country for the past several months. The purpose of the candy is to promote the legalization of pot; the word “legalize” appears in bold lettering on the packaging. Despite the fact that I’m pretty sure this is just some sort of publicity stunt—I mean, really, who thought this would be a good idea?—I’m still curious if anyone’s ever seen it in a store. What do you think the candy actually tastes like?

• Addicted to your smartphone or tablet? Be careful—experts are concerned about “text neck,” the neck, back, and shoulder pain, and headaches associated with too much gadget time. And get this: Someone’s actually calling the condition a “global epidemic.”

• Update: The listeria-related death toll from the contaminated cantaloupes has reached 21, and over 100 people have been sickened.