The Check-Up: Runners, This Guy Wants to Fix Your Face

This plastic surgeon has a cure for something he just made up: "runner's face"

• We have the Body Odd to thank for this one. A New Jersey plastic surgeon issued a press release yesterday in which he coined a new phrase: “runner’s face,” the sunken, sallow face often seen on super fit, over-40 runners. What happens is the more you work out, the more fat you lose in your face, resulting in sunken, extra wrinkly sink which, he says, makes you look older than you are. The horrors! The good doctor’s solution?Botox, of course.

Here’s an idea: How about, instead, we give a nice round of applause to all the 40-, 50- and 60-year-old runners who hit the pavement day after day, rather than telling them they look old as dirt? That work for you?

• Genetically modified “superbroccoli”  hit grocery store produce sections this week in the UK. The veggie looks the same its non-super cousin, but these heads of broccoli have been bred to contain extra measures of glucoraphanin, a plant chemical shown to protect against heart disease and cancer. Get all the details over here.

• The latest TSA/airport security nightmare story: A breast cancer patient who was patted down after tissue expanders implanted in her chest registered on the full-body scan. Needless to say, she wasn’t too happy.