The Check-Up: Liposuction Might Be Good For Your Heart

I know. I'm as shocked as you are

Trust me—you soooo did not want to see the lipo pictures

• Betcha never thought you’d hear me touting the benefits of liposuction, huh? Turns out, though, the fat-sucking surgery might actually be useful in lowering fat levels in blood, decreasing a person’s risk of stroke and heart attack. Researchers in Kansas who conducted the study found that liposuction patients who had high triglyceride levels before their surgery saw a 43 percent reduction in those levels three months later. “That’s about twice the reduction people usually get by taking cholesterol-lowering medications,” reports the LA Times. Not too shabby for a procedure intended to leave you love-handle and saddlebag-free.

• Researchers have worked for over 40 years to determine this: that impulsive children grow up to be impulsive adults. Breaking news! (Am I the only one not remotely surprised about this?)