Botox Needle Gets Makeover

The Ouchless Needle takes the pain out of beauty

Hey Main Liners, you could soon have a pain-free Botox treatment—no, seriously. Last week, Louisville-based plastic surgeon Dr. Marc J. Salzman launched a state-of-the-art, pain-reducing technology for cosmetic injections. He calls it the Ouchless Needle.

The needle is actually a disposable attachment that snaps onto the syringe of common cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers, such as Botox, Juvederm and Restylane. With the push of a button, the attachment dispenses a spray of what’s called vapocoolant onto the injection site just before the skin is pierced; it acts like a super cold ice cube and immediately freezes the skin, so you know longer have to brace yourself for the sting of the needle.

Traditionally, physicians would use a numbing cream to reduce the pain associated with needles, but these creams can take up to 40 minutes to kick in and often leave patients with post-injection numbness. The Ouchless Needle claims to instantly reduce the pain of injections; minimize post-injection numbness, swelling, and bruising; and eliminate waiting time by freeing up staff and allowing patients to be in and out in just minutes.

The docs in our area don’t seem to have caught on to the Ouchless Needle just yet, so drop a hint to your MD next time you book an appointment. Whoever said beauty has to be pain, anyway?