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2010 Best Volunteering

Philadelphia City Rowing

Pull out the old college crew tee (and your lats, if you still got 'em) for this worthy cause. Competitive rower and Wharton student Libby Peters started PCR, which aims to form a team for public high-schoolers this fall, and needs mentors and assistant coaches to pitch in each season. She's already commandeered a boatyard near Lloyd Hall, and signed up 100 kids who are itching to get out on the water.

450 Plymouth Road, Suite 305, Plymouth Meeting, PA Website

2009 Best Volunteering

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

1500 WalnutStreet, Suite 1107, Philadelphia, PA Website

In case you missed it, biking is the new black. And nobody does more to make Philly (and the ‘burbs) more bike-friendly than the 37-year-old […] Read more »