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Best Vietnamese Restaurant

2014 Best Vietnamese Restaurant

Pho Saigon

With immaculate herbs, terrific shrimp with sugar cane, and a dynamite bun bo hue that proves pho isn't the <em>only</em> noodle soup in the Vietnamese arsenal, it's no wonder this newcomer keeps drawing converts to a Columbus Avenue strip mall.

1100 South Columbus Boulevard, #22, Philadelphia, PA | 267-773-7305 Website

2013 Best Vietnamese Restaurant

Le Viet

1019 South 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

Dont hold its upscale looks against it its herbs are the best tended, its menu is the deepest, and its ground shrimp balls are the […] Read more »

2012 Best Vietnamese Restaurant

Nam Phuong

1100 Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

There’s more to Vietnamese than pho, and from crispy crepes to clay-pot pork, Nam Phuong does it better-and usually cheaper-than its ample competition. Read more »