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2015 Best Pies

Penza’s Pies at the Red Barn Cafe

The fruit pies from Penza's in Hammonton look like they're straight out of a Gourmet magazine spread -- and taste even better than they look. (Note: Hammonton is between Philly and Atlantic City on bucolic Route 206.) The pies are worth the detour, especially if you opt for whatever fruit is in season. Right now? That's Jersey blueberries and peaches.

391 Route 206, Hammonton, NJ | 609-567-3412 | Website

2014 Best Pie


1622 South Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

Once the pie-dough technique at South Street’s Magpie was perfected, the possibilities became endless. There’s no wrong pie decision here, whether it be peanut butter […] Read more »

2011 Best Pies

Percy Street

900 South Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

Best pie in town? Chef Erin O’Shea’s creamy key lime Until winter hits, anyway, when you’re going to want her pecan pie a dense, sweet […] Read more »