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2015 Best Quick Manicure

Keratin Manicure at Laurentius Salon

More than a week after we got this new manicure, our polish looked gel-like: shiny, chip-free and pristine. But this isn't only a long-lasting mani -- it actually makes your nails healthier thanks to a warm, waterless hydrating, strengthening and anti-aging keratin treatment.

815 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-238-0764 | Website

2014 Best Quickie Mani

Lacquer Lounge

2051 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

The fast yet thorough Express Mani at this Barbie-pink nail salon clocks in at 20 minutes, so you can grab lunch afterward and still make […] Read more »

2011 Best Quick Manicure

City Nails on Square

221 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

It’s a blissful 30 minutes of reading our gossip mags in peace and watching our stories on one of the strategically placed flat-screen TVs. Oh, […] Read more »