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Best Healthy Breakfast

2012 Best Healthy Breakfast

Veggie Patch Omelet at Mrs. Marty’s Deli

EXPERT PICK: "If you have time in the morning, a veggie-loaded omelet is always a good option. Add two kinds of meat and you have a hearty breakfast. This omelet has no cheese, but you wont miss it one bit." — Mike Smaltz, director of operations at Platoon Fitness


2013 Best Healthy On-the-Go Breakfast

Bryn & Dane’s

400 Privet Road, Horsham, PA Website

What’s fast (drive-thru!) and healthy (low-calorie!) and now serves breakfast (egg and bacon sandwiches!)? This wholesome Horsham cafe, where ingredients are sourced from local farms—blueberries […] Read more »