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Best French Fries

2014 Best French Fries

Pig Daddy’s BBQ

We promise that under the house-smoked brisket, the trio of cheeses and the BBQ sauce, there are actually fries in your order of brisket fries. You'll need both hands to carry this one.

693 Burmont Road, Upper Darby, PA | 610-622-6441 | Website

2013 Best French Fries

Gravy Fries at Nick’s Roast Beef

2149 South 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

Its a plate of fries topped with shredded roast beef and gravy. Do we really need to say anything more? Read more »

2012 Best French Fries

Monk’s Café

264 South 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

We love fat-fried, foie-gras-slathered pommes frites just as much as the next gastropub enthusiast, but this beer bar’s gimmick-free, salt-kissed basket of fries (plus the […] Read more »

2011 Best French Fries

Continental Midtown

1801 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

This haystack of Chinese-mustard-soaked shoestrings almost begs to be eaten in hands-behind-the-back pie-eating-contest style, but try to contain yourself. Read more »

2010 Best Fries

Mama’s Vegetarian

18 South 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

Skin-on, fried to order, finger-tip-burningly hot, generously salted. In other words: No truffle mayo needed. Eat your heart out, Philly gastropubs. Read more »

2009 Best French Fries


205 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

The truffle and parmesan pommes frites are cut just thin enough, so you can grab them by the handful. Fried to a greaseless crisp, they’re […] Read more »