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2012 Best Festival

The Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby

We're suckers for this gala procession of "art and human-powered transit," a two-mile-long obstacle course full of drag queens, sofa kings, oversized skulls, beer tanks, balloons, sharks and superheroes, all battling to make it to-what else?-a mud pit. And how can you not love a fest that invites notorious two-wheeler-hater Stu Bykofsky to judge what is, underneath all the papier-mach and twisted metal, a bike parade?


2011 Best Festival

The Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe


Our thriving arts scene wouldn’t exist today if Fringe founder Nick Stuccio didn’t have his light-bulb moment way back in 1997. The jam-packed 2011 fest […] Read more »

2010 Best Festival

Fishtown Shadfest

Penn Treaty Park, Delaware Avenue and Columbia Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

It turns out that shad used to be hugely important to the Delaware River economy, a fact our quirky friends in Fishtown (where else?) exploit […] Read more »