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2011 Best Cupcakes

Colonial Farms

At a time when cupcakery is becoming not just an overdone art (we'll pass on the chocolate-covered bacon sprinkles, thanks) but a reviled one, Colonial Farms bucks the trend with back-to-basics flavors. The chocolate, vanilla and killer red velvet cakes are adorned with occasionally cutesy icing creations (flowers, frogs, etc.), but the taste hits that just-like-Mom's sweet spot that was always the point of the cupcake's sudden rise to celebrity.

1108 Taylorsville Road, Washington Crossing, PA | 215-493-1548 | Website

2010 Best Cupcakes

Whipped Bakeshop

636 Belgrade Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

We were so busy admiring Whipped Bakeshop’s pretty little cupcakes in luscious flavors like lemon curd and banana chocolate chip peanut butter that we almost […] Read more »