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Best Stress Relief

2019 Best Stress Relief

Stillpoint Yoga and Float

Book a 60- or 90-minute session in the epsom-salt-filled flotation tank, then lie back for an hour of silent, weightless rest. Read More »

600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA | 484-322-5159 | Website

2019 Best Stress Relief

Sound Bath With Luna Maye

Maye’s “sound meditation” (she plays crystal singing bowls and serenades you with her sultry voice) will ease you into a blissful state. Book a private appointment, or attend one of the workshops she holds around the city. Read More »


2019 Best Stress Relief

Rumble Boxing

A dark room, loud music, and 45 minutes to let out all your rage on round, surprisingly springy aqua bags. Read More »

1520 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA Website