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Best Street Performer

2015 Best Street Performer

Adam Tuttle

We've seen lots of guys turn buckets and cans into drum kits, but this Settlement Music School-trained Lower Merion grad makes the metal frames and plastic windows of newspaper honor boxes sound like a full percussion section. You can find him knocking out beats on Chestnut and Walnut streets between 10th and 20th. Tuttle, 20, says his goal is to land a job making Hollywood soundtracks -- crowdfund him the old-school way and toss him a few bills. Read More »

2014 Best Street Performer

Anthony Riley

After a too-long and stressful day, your walk home suddenly feels romantic. The sun's going down, and someone is crooning "Stand by Me" in Rittenhouse Square. You approach a crowd gathered around a clean-shaven 20-something busker who cycles through the Temptations, Sam Cooke and the Beatles. You notice a gorgeous stranger. Your eyes meet. And suddenly you forget why you were so stressed out to begin with. Riley is that good. (That he once took on Licenses and Inspections for the right to sing in the park doesn't hurt.) Read More »