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2022 Best Use of Twitter

Temple’s “TEMPLE” Tweet

TU’s official Twitter account issued this mysterious one-word pronouncement last December that inspired a series of hilarious replies, among them from @NavyYardPhila (“Navy Yard”) and ESPN SportsCenter’s Ron Redden Jr. (“Points were made.”) Our pick of the lot, though: local journalist Jim MacMillan’s plaintive “Who hasn’t accidentally tweeted their password before?” Read More »

2022 Best Use of TikTok

TechOWL’s TikTok Videos

This series by TechOWL (“Technology for Our Whole Lives”), part of Temple’s Institute on Disabilities, introduces ­viewers to clever gadgets designed to aid those challenged by everyday tasks like fastening buttons, opening bottles and pulling on socks — and has gone viral for it. Read More »

2021 Best Social Media Pro

Nathan Allebach, The Steak-umm Twitter Guy

At a time when social media was so poisonous you needed ipecac to check your mentions, the Twitter handle of Reading-based Steak-umm, proud maker of “frozen beef sheets,” emerged as a panacea, debunking conspiracies and bad science, delivering vital public-health info, and proffering processed-meat facts. That the, er, whiz behind the account, Philly’s Nathan Allebach, did it without ever letting you forget he’s just a corporate shill was a bonus layer of genius. Read More »