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Best Sidewalk Dining

2021 Best Pandemic Innovation We Hope Doesn't Go Away


Time was, people complained about sidewalk dining here, claiming that our pavements were just too narrow. They weren’t wrong, but now that streeteries are everywhere, we simply demand that they stay. Any concession to concerns as mundane as parking would signal a total failure of civic imagination. Read More »

2015 Best Sidewalk Dining

Tria Fitler Square

Fitler Square might be the most picturesque public space in the city, and the newest Tria outpost has the absolute best vantage point. Get there early for an outdoor table, enjoy your wine with a view of the sun setting behind the trees, then stay for chef Karen Nicolas's "medium plates" -- which means a proper dinner, in Tria-speak. (Yes, this Tria has a full menu!) Read More »

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