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Best Quizzo

2021 Best Quizzo Host

Johnny Goodtimes

Whether you find him at Frankford Hall in Fishtown or 118 North on the Main Line, this positively geeky guy (who’s also co-owner of vintage sports clothing company Shibe Vintage Sports as well as host of the Best of Philly-winning­ podcast The Philly Blunt) simply comes up with the best, most unexpected questions every week. We’re not sure how he does it. But all other local Quizzo hosts pale in comparison. Read More »


2019 Best Quizzo Alternative

Brittany Lynne’s Cards Against Humanity

This monthly group battle at Mifflin Tavern, hosted by a beloved drag queen, is never boring. And the fact that it takes place in deep South Philly at what used to be Johnny Doc’s bar makes it even more delicious. Read More »

1843 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2013 Best Quizzo

National Mechanics

The questions are tough but not too tough, and the crowd is congenial enough that you wont have a problem teaming up with other players. Just dont whip out your smartphone during a round at the weekly Wednesday-night matches, or youll be publicly and harshly shamed by ace quizmaster Bobby Fever. Read More »

22 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-701-4883 | Website

2012 Best Quizzo

Local 44

Penn students tend to frequent New Deck Tavern for their trivia needs, so you can rest easy you won't be surrounded by know-it-all history majors rattling off the Constitutional Amendments in self-satisfied drunken tones. The scene is competitive but cheery, the beers are plentiful and delicious, and the host is a local, with enough cheese to his banter to make it fun, but enough bite to keep it interesting. Read More »

4333 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-222-2337 | Website