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Best Music Class for Kids

2020 Best Kid Whisperer

Marilyn Schwartz of Kids’ MusicRound

A warning: The first time you walk into one of Miss Marilyn’s music classes, you’re going to be overwhelmed. Babies are squealing and toddlers are dancing (the age-bracket sweet spot is newborn to about five years), and Miss Marilyn is bouncing around wildly and playing guitar, and you’ll come out wanting either a coffee or a cocktail. But loosen up and lean into it, and you’ll see what everyone else in Bucks County already knows: Miss Marilyn is the most fun person your kids will ever meet, and the single best way to get them to love music. (You might walk away with some cool new mom friends, too.) Follow her Facebook page for info on virtual class offerings. Read More »

| 215-752-7010 | Website

2018 Best Music Classes for Kids

Mister John’s Music

With serious musical chops and a sassy side that has parents ROFL, John Francisco’s classes – be it toddler music sessions honoring artists like the Killers and Johnny Cash or guitar lessons for older kids – will become the highlight of your week. (Note to Comcast: Give this guy his own show already!) Read More »

904 South 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website