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2019 Best CBD Massage

Sanctuary on 2nd

Über-ubiquitous CBD is effective for easing muscle soreness and reducing inflammation, and the CBD massage at this laid-back spa is the best way to find that sweet relief. Read More »

752 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-922-5323 | Website

2018 Best Massage for Exercise Addicts

Phila Massages

There’s a reason Philly’s top fitness instructors flood these studios. Well, two reasons: First, the staffers know athletes’ bodies better than anyone else in town, which means they can loosen muscles and target trigger points with alarming precision. And second, the $250 annual membership – which can score you up to 50 percent off services – makes it much easier on the wallet to keep coming back. Read More »

4368 Cresson Street, b, Philadelphia, PA | 267-437-4520 | Website

2018 Best Inexpensive Massage

V&V Foot Spa

At $50 for 60 minutes, this strip-mall spa massage is crazy cheap – so don’t expect marble tile, fancy amenities, or a ton of attention to your personal preferences. But you’re not here for that; you just want someone to knead your sore muscles to within an inch of their lives, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Read More »

1100 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA | 215-271-8697 | Website

2017 Best Massage to Fix Your Aches

Alpine Arnica Deep Tissue Massage at the Logan

Ignore the dim lights, soft music and aromatic oils; you’re not here to relax. You’re here to work—or, rather, be worked on, with a massage so deep, so laser-like in its knot-obliterating precision, that you’ll leave 80 glorious minutes later feeling far less hunched and more, well, human. Read More »

1 Logan Square, Philadelphia, PA | 215-963-1500 | Website

2016 Best Fixer Massage

Houdini JINI at Eviama Life Spa

Book this upper-body massage with Eviama owner Penny Ordway, who zooms in on the spots that cause the most misery, and is always sure to warn you if something's "about to get weird." (This might mean she's about to dig into your armpit, which actually delivers sweet, sweet relief from your shoulder pain.) Read More »

109 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-278-4309 | Website

2016 Best Escape Massage

The Quartet at the Rittenhouse Spa + Club

What with the dim, plush lounge, the tucked-away sauna, the outdoor terrace for post-treatment sips, and the mesmerizing experience of having four hands transport you to someplace where stress can't find you, this particular spa appointment has a permanent place on our calendar. Read More »

210 West Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA | 215-790-2500 | Website

2014 Best Quickie Massage

Spa Terme di Aroma

A chair massage at this Old City spa is quite possibly the best $15 you'll ever spend: Expert hands melt away tension while you zone out for 15 minutes. Call ahead and you can usually score an appointment just a few minutes in advance. Read More »

32 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-829-9769 | Website

2014 Best Emergency Massage

Spa Terme Di Aroma

When your aching neck requires expert attention, like, now, hobble right past the generic walk-in places for the de-knotting wizards at Terme, who give 15-minute chair massages between their regular clients. Call ahead first, but you can usually score an appointment a mere 10 minutes in advance. Read More »

32 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-829-9769 | Website

2013 Best Home Service Massage

Nicki Dekunchak, Hands at Home

You choose: a quickie office chair massage, or a longer deep-tissue at home. Her expert hands will leave you looser and more relaxed than you've been in ages. Read More »

Call or see website for appointment | 610-405-0041 | Website

2012 Best Luxury Massage

Four-Handed Massage at Nurture Spa

Just in case the thought of a simultaneous scalp and foot massage isn't enough to make your eyes roll back in your head, we'll explain it this way: It might be best to have a loved one come along to drive you home afterward, as if you are undergoing an outpatient medical procedure for which you are receiving heavy sedation. Because truth be told, after this massage, we shouldn't have been on the road. Read More »

415 South York Road, New Hope, PA | 215-862-7010 | Website

2012 Best Deep Tissue Massage

Phila Massages

When you hurt—we mean really hurt—all the Enya and precious oils in the world can't help you. What can: owners Brian Rutledge and Natacha Vidal, who train their ninja-like focus on loosening your muscles and teaching you how to keep them loose between appointments. Bonus: One hour is only $65. Read More »

132 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-995-6897 | Website

2012 Best Cheap Massage

Chung Dam Spa and Fitness

Until you've had one of the Korean ladies here walk on your back, you don't know what you're missing. Plus, the $60 fee includes a day pass for the super-clean facilities, which boast multiple saunas and pools. Warning: As at most traditional Korean and Japanese spas, clients, segregated by gender, generally go completely naked. Not for the modest. Read More »

41 East Cheltenham Avenue, Cheltenham, PA | 215-635-6170 | Website

2012 Best Shore Massage

Nicki Dekunchak

The secret to a really, really relaxing Shore vacation? Bringing this Philly-based therapist along for the ride. She sees clients in their homes from A.C. to Cape May all summer long, offering Zen-filled massages and facials, along with waxing and makeup services. Read More »

, Philadelphia, PA | 610-405-0041 | Website

2013 Best Massage Deal

Phila Massage’s Massage Membership

The worst thing about a massage is when it's over. The best thing about Phila Massage's membership club is that it makes getting regular massages easier. Members pay $20 a month and score deep discounts on treatments—we're talking up to 50 percent off—plus guest passes and free massage classes, among other perks. It's exactly what the doctor ordered. Read More »

132 South 17th Street, fourth floor, Philadelphia, PA | 215-995-6897 | Website

2012 Best Cheap Massage

Chung Dam Spa & Fitness

Forgo inhibitions for an au naturel experience at this Korean day spa, where therapists walk on your back and the gender-segregated clientele enjoys (super-clean) pools and saunas in the buff. All day here will set you back just $60. Read More »

41 East Cheltenham Avenue, Cheltenham, PA | 215-635-6170 | Website