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Best Mani-Pedi

2016 Best Luxe Mani/Pedi

AME Salon and Spa

When you fancy a little more pampering than your perfunctory paint job, book AME's two namesake nail treatments. They're luxe enough on their own, but it's the spa's extensive menu of mani/pedi add-ons — hot stone foot and calf massage, rice soak and honey wrap — that makes this more than just a color change. Read More »

111 Waynewood Avenue, Wayne, PA | 610-995-2631 | Website

2012 Best Mani-Pedi

Genesis Nail Salon

We have actually been known to get in a cab in order to lounge for nearly an hour-nearly an hour, we tell you!-at this low-key spot that delivers some of the most thorough nail maintenance and accompanying massages we've had. Read More »

729 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-519-2002 | Website

2011 Best Luxe Mani-Pedi

Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa

So relaxing that we may have nodded off as our hands and feet were exfoliated, lotioned, massaged, and painted up with long-lasting polishes. Or maybe we were just drunk on the delicious limeade they gave us. Read More »

328 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-735-7980 | Website

2010 Best Luxe Mani-Pedi

The Chocolate and Champagne Minx Mani/Pedi at Spa East

As if being rubbed down with a homemade concoction of chocolate and champagne isn't enough (owner Sam Staten swears by each ingredient's exfoliating and stimulating properties), this new Minx thing leaves polish in its dust. Like colorful contact paper for your nails, the shiny covering is painstakingly cut and applied by Staten. You won't need another mani ($50) for at least two weeks, or pedi ($65) for another six. We're officially converted. Read More »

Liberties Walk, 1040 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-829-1009

2010 Best Cheap Mani/Pedi

Genesis Nail Salon

Up to a fortnight on the fingers. Four weeks on the toes. In the dead of wedge-sandal-and-sandcastle season. For less than $50. Read More »

729 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-519-2002 | Website

2009 Best Specialty Mani-Pedi

Robin Campbell at Laurentius Salon

It's entirely possible that there exists a nail artist more dedicated to her craft than Robin Campbell. But we haven't found her. The kind, elegantly soft-spoken, excellently skilled and thoroughly precise soaker, buffer and polisher of fingers and toes is, in our not-so-humble estimation, the best-kept asset of glammed-out Laurentius. Making your nails gorgeous isn't her trade it's her art. Read More »

815 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-238-0764 | Website