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2017 Best Film-Nerd Series

Exhumed Films

In 1997, a group of guys from South Jersey decided to show old horror flicks to as many people as they could. Two decades later, Exhumed’s festivals and screenings are all the rage among those in the know. The annual 24-hour horror movie marathon—yes, 24 straight hours of scary films—is always a sellout. Read More »

International House, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2013 Best Film Fun

International House

Philly may not have a repertory cinema, but the weekly screenings at this University City complex for students come pretty close. There are fun flicks, such as cheesy sci-fi tales (Star Trek III: The Wrath of Khan, 8/23) and bad 80s movies (The Legend of Billie Jean, 8/30), foreign classics (The Red Balloon, 8/10), and more serious and obscure diversions, like the upcoming Jacques Rivette (9/5-7) and Sergei Parajanov series (9/14-17). I-House, as it is known, is for the film fan who is just not satisfied by Netflix. Read More »

3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-387-5125 | Website