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2021 Best Compost Collection

Kitchen Harvest (Suburbs) and Circle Compost (City)

The quickest way to make your house smell better? Put all the rotting fruit and vegetables in a bucket outside, instead of letting them sit at the bottom­ of your trash can. It’s good for the environment in addition to being good for your environment. Read More »


2013 Best Composting

Bennett Compost

Okay, so not the sexiest category. But we all talk about being eco-friendly, and these folks are actually making it easy. For $15 a month, they provide you with a special receptacle, pick up all of your compostables weekly, and help make the world a better place. In the spring, theyll even return some mulch to you for your efforts. Read More »

1511 Latona Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-520-2406 | Website