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2021 Best Car Detailer that Comes to You

Epic Mobile Detailing

On their days off, Philly firefighters Tyrone Thomas and Cleveland Jones bring their industrial-strength vacuum and half a dozen crates of potions and polishers to you. They’ll spend hours erasing coffee spills, buffing out the evidence of a swipe with a suburban mailbox, and whisking away every last speck of dirt, making your ride as close to perfect as it’s been since you drove it off the lot. Read More »


2013 Best Car Detailing

Jo Jo’s Professional Auto Detailing

Husband-and-wife team Jo Jo and Michele bring a personal touch to their service, restoring your ride to factory condition by removing grit, oil stains and odors. What sets them apart is how they regularly surprise customers by going the extra mile. (Theyll even clean the insides of your headlights!) Read More »

1913 South Bancroft Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-755-2722

2012 Best Car Detailing

Spring Garden Wash and Lube

This place is the reason there are more Mercedes, Jaguars and Lexuses (Lexi?) in one block of Spring Garden at any given moment than there are on the rest of Spring Garden, like, ever. They do a top-of-the-line job-and that's true for Subarus and Hondas, too. Read More »

1111 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-763-9000 | Website

2009 Best Car Detailing

Executive Auto Salon

Christopher Toriello and his band of merry, cleanliness-obsessed detailers can turn back time on the filthiest high-mileage wreck, and specialize in exotic (read: pricey) vehicles. Read More »

2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA | 215-496-0606 | Website