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Best Beauty Treatment

2017 Best Lunchtime Fix

High Frequency Zit Zap at Rescue Spa

An esthetician waves her electrode-tipped magic wand that emits argon gas along with an electrical current to generate oxygen, kill bacteria and calm inflamed skin—effectively disappearing that date-ruining zit away for a cool $25. Read More »

1601 Walnut Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA | 215-772-2766 | Website

2016 Best Vein Zapping

Sclerotherapy, Vein & Vascular Institute

After just 15 painless minutes (no lie: The needles are the size of a strand of hair), those uninvited spidery purple guests are a thing of the past. Multiple locations Read More »


2016 Best Hand Makeover

Hand Rejuvenation at About Face Skin Care

A little filler to plump your skin, a little laser or photo-rejuvenation to zap sun spots and refresh texture, and voilà: Your hands will no longer give away your age. Read More »

1015 Chestnut Street, #1205, Philadelphia, PA | 215-923-5001 | Website

2016 Best Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume Mega Volume Full Set Extensions at LashBee

Imagine: Six extensions (!) applied to each one (!!) of your natural lashes. The result: a full, feathery fringe even without mascara. Multiple locations Read More »

1015 Chestnut Street, Locations in Center City and Midtown Village, PA | 215-367-1664 | Website

2016 Best Cellulite Treatment

Cellfina at Cross Medical Group

A needle-like device cuts dimple-causing bands below the skin. Hello, miniskirt. Read More »

2200 Arch Street, suite 120, Locations in Rittenhouse and Villanova, PA | 215-561-9100 | Website

2010 Best Completely Over-the-Top Specialty Beauty Treatment

Individual mink eyelash extensions at Ursula’s About Phace

They take anywhere from one and a half to five hours for owner Ursula Augustine to apply, cost from $400 to $2,000, last about two months, and are so good that far-flung clients have been known to reroute their getaways to first land in Philly so this Rittenhouse beauty maven can doll them up, J.Lo-style. And yes, they're really mink. Read More »

1700 Sansom Street, Suite 201, Philadelphia, PA | 215-557-1562 | Website