11 Philly Acupuncture Spots That Can Help Relieve Your Stress

Whether you're looking to alleviate anxiety or just want to zen out, head to these acupuncture clinics in the city.

Totally stressed out? Have chronic or acute pain? Just need some time to yourself? Head to these 11 acupuncture clinics for some seriously calming, stress-reducing treatments. / Photograph courtesy of Barefoot Doctor

Real talk: Life is stressful. We’ve got deadlines to meet, bills to pay, relationships to maintain, all while trying to meet our daily quota of H2O and sleep. While the “Life’s tough — get a helmet” advice might à la Boy Meets World might have sounded good in the ’90s, it doesn’t really account for the fact that, sometimes, we need more than battle armor to get through the day. In reality, many of us need help navigating and managing all the professional and personal stressors life throws at us.

Fortunately, the ancient stress-reducing practice of acupuncture is alive and well in Philadelphia. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture stimulates your body’s natural energy flow with super thin needles that are inserted into the skin. The needles, which many claim don’t hurt at all, are meant to alleviate pain, anxiety, and general stress. Heck, facial acupuncture might even be the new Botox.

No matter what you’re living with — an injury, chronic headaches, digestive issues, an autoimmune illness, a mental health condition — there’s an acupuncture practitioner in the city waiting to support your wellness. Check out these 11 Philadelphia acupuncture clinics that’ll help you find the relief you seek.

Acupuncture Off Broad

1315 Federal Street, Passyunk Square

Led by licensed acupuncturists Eva Zeller and Vito Leva, Acupuncture Off Broad provides a full range of acu services, including community and private acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, facial acupuncture, and acupressure — most of which is offered on a sliding scale. What sets Acupuncture Off Broad apart is that it offers nutrition counseling. These sessions, which last 30 minutes, help clients identify areas of strength and improvement in their diets in order to address overall wellness.

Acupuncture with Monica

255 South 17th Street, Suite 1502, Rittenhouse; 4522 Baltimore Avenue, West Philly

Working on the basis of three principles — perspective, acceptance, and integration — licensed acupuncturist Monica Fauble has built her practice around deep listening and individualized care. As an acupuncturist (and acu client) living with an autoimmune illness, Fauble specializes in women’s health treatment, focusing on digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions, anxiety, and depression. Acupuncture with Monica offers five-session weekly and biweekly packages ($93 per treatment) as well as 60-minute single sessions ($95). You can schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Fauble here.

Attend Acupuncture

713 North 4th Street, Northern Liberties; 7152 Germantown Avenue, Mt. Airy

Founder Alicia Shulman believes that living your best life should involve natural, no-harm, healing ingredients and treatments that benefit yourself and the planet. Primarily focused on holistic women’s health, Attend Acupuncture offers traditional, cosmetic, and fertility-based acupuncture. Shulman’s adjunctive therapies include cupping with either silicon suction or fire-warmed glass cups (which don’t leave those circular red marks behind!) and gua sha, which is the light scraping of tight muscles. You can find Attend’s pricing guide here.

Barefoot Doctor in Fishtown offers affordable, small-group acupuncture on a sliding scale. Plus, the recliners are super comfy. / Photograph courtesy of Barefoot Doctor

Barefoot Doctor

618 East Girard Avenue, Fishtown

Located in the heart of Fishtown, Barefoot Doctor is a community acupuncture clinic, meaning your acu treatments will be done in small group sessions. That’s right: No private sessions here. But that’s what Barefoot Doctor is all about — creating a service-driven, affordable, and calming healing process for all community members. The business operates on a sliding scale ($20 to $40) and understands that clients’ financial abilities do not always stay the same. Pay what you can so you can focus on being and staying well.

Fabriq Spa

728 South 4th Street, Queen Village

Fabriq Spa owner Gabrielle Applebaum (who was our 2013 Best Acupuncturist winner) specializes in relieving chronic and acute pain. At Fabriq, you can receive traditional, facial, and smoking cessation acupuncture treatments. Also available is a special package for facial acupuncture — 10 acupuncture treatments plus two organic facials for $1,460, which saves you roughly $250. Bonus: The entire spa, which also offers massages, facials, and waxing, uses completely organic and cruelty-free products.

Healing Arts Center of Philadelphia

123 Chestnut Street, #204, Old City

The acupuncture department of Healing Arts consists of nine team members, all of whom strive to relieve pain and reduce stress. Head acupuncturist and Healing Arts co-founder Steve Mavros specializes in male and female infertility and offers IVF support, but you can also find healing care for cancer, gastrointestinal conditions, and athletic injuries. Your initial visit will cost you $100, with follow-up sessions priced at $85.

At Philadelphia Mind-Body and other acupuncture clinics throughout the city, you can opt for cupping treatment, which is said to increase blood circulation. / Photograph courtesy of Philadelphia Mind-Body Acupuncture

Philadelphia Mind-Body Acupuncture

1740 South Street, #503, Graduate Hospital

This Grad Hospital clinic takes an integrative approach to acupuncture, combining herbal medicine with modern science. The staff considers the whole person — mind, body, emotions, and spirit — in order to tailor each acupuncture treatment so each client feels individually supported and empowered. Aaron Cashman, a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine (to practice, an acupuncturist simply needs to be licensed, and Cashman is allegedly the first to receive a doctorate in the area in the state), facilitates your 60-minute private acu session using ultra-thin needles to guarantee a pain-free experience. In addition to acupuncture, Mind-Body offers massage therapy, herbal medicine healing, cupping, and yoga therapeutics.

Philadelphia Sports Acupuncture

750 South 15th Street, Graduate Hospital; 12 West Willow Grove Avenue, Chestnut Hill

If you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, Philadelphia Sports Acupuncture should be your go-to. Its two acupuncturists have years of experience in sports medicine and athlete-focused treatment. Located in both Graduate Hospital and Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia Sports Acupuncture uses other modalities like massage, cupping, gua sha, and even yoga (if requested) during your $80 60-minute session.

Six Fishes

750 South 15th Street, Graduate Hospital; 2308 Grays Ferry Avenue, Grays Ferry

The foundation of Six Fishes’ practice is Chinese herbal medicine, meaning the organization believes that acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help balance the body’s natural energy flow. The acupuncturists specialize in gynecology, fertility, and pediatrics, as well as EENT issues and chronic pain. At both of its locations, Six Fishes offers private and semi-private acupuncture, based on what health issues you’re trying to alleviate. Plus, its smoking cessation acupuncture will only cost you $250 for 10 sessions plus a bottle of an herbal formula to hopefully make quitting a bit easier.

South Philly Community Acupuncture

1532 East Passyunk Avenue, Passyunk Square; 519 South 9th Street, Washington Square

To keep your experience as affordable as possible, South Philly Community Acupuncture offers private-style, small-group acu treatments for $40 to $60 (sliding scale). If you want a completely private session, though, you do have that option ($110). Whether you’re a new or returning client, your appointment will always begin with a mind-body assessment, so you can get a fully customized treatment. While South Philly Community Acupuncture utilizes some typical modalities (cupping, gua sha, and moxibustion), it also offers infrared therapy and electro-stimulation, depending on your individual wellness needs. Plus, you’ll likely walk away with some herbs or natural remedies from the in-house apothecary.


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Summit Acupuncture

16 North 3rd Street, Old City

Jason Krantz is a well-known name in Philly’s acupuncture scene. Founder of and licensed acupuncturist at Summit Acupuncture in Old City, Krantz manages pain, stress, and headaches using the Balance Method, which views the body as a system of checks and balances to keep the whole self in optimum health. Plus, Krantz stays up-to-date on acupuncture and the body in general by informally continuing his education. At Summit, expect traditional acupuncture, cupping, and electro-therapy in a semi-private space. Your first visit will cost $70 and subsequent visits $55, but students and veterans get $15 off every time.