20 Philly-Area CSAs Where You Can Get Farm-Fresh Produce

Including where to pick up, how much it costs, and what you’ll get with your share.

Fresh veggies from the farm. | Photo courtesy Philly Foodworks

Right now, farmers are working to plant, harvest, and sustain our nation’s food supply. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s essential to support our local farmers — significant assets in supplying food for grocery stores and our favorite restaurants.

If you can afford it and can get to a pick-up location, signing up for a CSA is an effective way to show your support — both for local farmers and for more sustainable food supply. CSA’s are short for community-supported agriculture: a farmer offers consumers bundles of fruits and vegetables, called shares. Interested customers purchase a share, and in return, they’ll receive assorted and seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season. CSAs aren’t limited to fruits and vegetables; some farmers provide add-on packages which can consist of meat and dairy products.

Listed below are local farms and farmers who are offering CSA share programs for the spring and summer season.

Anchor Run Farm 

What to Expect: Anchor Run Farm is completely devoted to their members and provides freshly harvested produce. Here, the shares come in three sizes: the full share averages eight to 12 pounds worth of produce, medium averages six to nine pounds, and the half share is eight to 12 pounds and operates on a bi-weekly basis. Interested customers can also opt for a work discount, where members can work hours on the farm in exchange for a discount.

Length of Time: 26 weeks from mid-May to mid-November. There’s also a bi-weekly option that runs for 13 weeks.

Pick-up Location: The farm (2578 Second Street Pike in Wrightstown)

Cost: $920 for the full share ($880 with work discount), $675 for the medium share ($650 with work discount), and $490 for the half share ($470 with discount). Each share requires a $200 deposit.

Blooming Glen Farm

What to Expect: Blooming Glen Farm offers weekly shares, each containing between six to 12 different vegetables. Here, you’re also allowed to harvest your own produce, flowers, and herbs straight from the farm.

Length of Time: Starting in late May, the CSA program lasts for 26 weeks. Blooming Glen Farm also offers a bi-weekly option.

Pick-up Location: The farm (98 Moyer Road in Perkasie), Doylestown, and Warrington

Cost: $884 for the 26-week Full-Share program; $481 for the 13-week half-share program (pick up every other week). There is also a Pick-Your-Own Flower ; $806 for the large box 26-week delivery program (10 to 12 items); $572 for the medium box 26-week-delivery program (six to seven items); Farm stand discounts are available to all CSA member.

Charlestown Farm 

What to Expect: Charlestown Farm uses environmentally sustainable farming methods to grow fresh and delicious produce all year long. The farm has a you-pick feature which allows CSA members to come by to pick flowers, berries, beans, and more.

Length of Time: Shares start in late May/early June and operate on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Pick-up Location: The farm (2565 Charlestown Road in Phoenixville)

Cost: $875 for a weekly share (requires a $150 deposit), $525 for a bi-weekly share (requires a $100 deposit), and $395 for a beef share.

The Common Market

What to Expect: The Common Market doesn’t just offer farm-fresh produce. Every other week, shares are packed with six to seven different varieties of in-season fruits and vegetables, and inspiring recipes. The Common Market also offers complementary add-ons like poultry, artisan cheese, and cage-free eggs.

Length of Time: Starting in June, the CSA subscription operates on a bi-weekly basis for twelve weeks until February.

Pick-up Location: At varying drop sites.

Cost: $312 for the small share; $351 for the large share.

Crawford Organics

What to Expect: At Crawford Organics, your weekly share will contain an assortment of seven to nine in-season, fresh vegetables. There’s also a mini-size option, which includes five to six vegetables. Starting this spring, customers can expect their shares to be filled with an assortment of leafy greens, potatoes, broccoli, and much more. When summer rolls around, seasonal favorites like sweet corn, tomatoes, watermelon, and cucumber are expected.

Length of Time: Folks can get a head start and join Crawford Organics’ Early Start program, which provides an additional four weeks’ worth of farm-fresh goodies starting on April 7th. Crawford Organics’ spring/summer program is a 16-week extended subscription that runs from May through August. Crawford Organics also offers a bi-weekly share option.

Pick-up Location: The farm (387 Iron Bridge Road in East Earl) and varying drop sites, which can be found here. In-home deliveries are optional and cost an additional $6 per box.

Cost: Early Start CS: $54 for the bi-weekly share, $108 for the four-week share. Standard Share: $264 for the bi-weekly share, $528 for the 16-week share. Mini Vegetable Share: $176 for the bi-weekly share, $352 for the 16-week share.

Down to Earth Harvest

What to Expect: Flexible and fully customizable, Down to Earth Harvest caters to your lifestyle and appetite. Members get to have the final say in what goes into their share each week. Down to Earth Harvest is locally sourced and provides only the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest produce you’ll find anywhere.

Length of Time: This year, Down to Earth Harvest is offering two 14-week CSA sessions for the summer and fall harvest, with weekly and bi-weekly commitments available.

Pick-up Location: The farm (1585 Winfield Drive in Downingtown), Malvern, Kennett Square, Haverford, and other varying locations which can be found here.

Cost: $175 for the bi-weekly share; $350 for the 14-week share.


What to expect: This Elkins Park farm is working to support sustainable farming practices in Northwest Philly, and you can support the mission by signing up for their CSA subscription box, filled with organic produce primarily grown in the FarmerJawn greenhouses. The boxes are intended to feed three to four people and will contain eight to 10 items like organic fruits and veggies, but also tea and honey and a locally made body care product.

Length of Time: The CSA will run 12 weeks from May 2021 through July 2021.

Pick-up Location: Still TBA, but it’ll be near Elkins Park

Cost: $400

Henry Got Crops

What to Expect: Partnered with Weaver’s Way Co-op, Weavers Way Community Programs, Saul High School of Agriculture and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, Henry Got Crops offers city-grown produce that’s farm-fresh quality. Shares at Henry Got Crops come in two sizes: small and large. The small share contains a bundle of five to six various vegetables. And the large share has doubled the size, containing 10 to 12 bundles of vegetables. But Henry Got Crops is more than a CSA. Henry Got Crops grows food for the community and provides educational opportunities for Saul High School students, teaching students the importance of sustainable vegetable production and distribution.

Length of Time: Henry Got Crops’ CSA program lasts for 24 weeks, starting in late May.

Pick-up Location: The farm (7095 Henry Avenue in Philadelphia)

Cost: $475 for the small share; $865 for the large share.

Highland Orchards

What to Expect: Highland Orchards is a family-run fruit and vegetable farm that’s pesticide-free and the perfect solution to your food rut. Through their CSA program, you can sign up for an all-fruit share, a veggies and fruit share, or a meat share. The veggies and fruit share comes in small (six to seven veggie varieties and herbs and one kind of fruit) or large (nine to 11 veggie varieties and herbs and one or two types of fruit), the fruit share focuses on what’s in season, and the meat share can be either chicken only or the “trio” that provides 10 to 12 pounds of three types of meat.  There’s also tons of add-on options like freshly baked pies, donuts, dairy products, and eggs.

Length of Time: Subscriptions come in a variety of options. Customers can opt for weekly, biweekly, or monthly deliveries.

Pick-up Location: At varying drop sites.

Cost: The fruits and veggies share starts at $15.75 for a small box. The fruit-only share starts at $12 for a box, while the meat share is $38 for chicken only and $38 for the meat trio.

Kimberton Farm

What to Expect: Founded in 1987, Kimberton Farm is the first CSA farm in Pennsylvania. Described as biodynamic and organic, Kimberton Farm is a mixed vegetable farm that offers a medley of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Operating on a seasonal menu, customers can expect shares filled with tomatoes, arugula, eggplant, basil, and more. Kimberton Farm operates on a three-tier system: full, box, and partial share. In the full share, customers will receive 12 to 14 items each week, and the option to pick your own produce. The box share offers a pick-your-own option but is half the size. And the partial share is the same size as the full share but is picked up on a bi-weekly basis.

Length of Time: Kimberton Farm’s harvest starts in May and runs for six months until the week before Thanksgiving, lasting approximately 26 weeks. There’s also a bi-weekly option, only available for the partial share.

Pick-up Location: The farm (415 West Seven Stars Road in Phoenixville)

Cost: $938.45 for the full share; $536.39 for the box share; $515.77 for the partial share.

Lancaster Farm Fresh

What to Expect: CSA’s from Lancaster Farm Fresh come in an array of sizes. Customers can expect to receive four to 13 items in their weekly share, depending on the size of the share. Shares come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Each one packed full of locally sourced fruits and vegetables. There’s also add-on options of meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy.

Length of Time: Starts the week of April 27th and runs for 27 weeks, through October, and dates vary may for add-on items.

Pick-up Location: There are a multitude of sites, use this location finder to find a pickup location near you.

Cost: $890.95 for the large vegetable share (11 to 13 items), $651.95 for the medium vegetable share (seven to eight items), $447 for the small vegetable share (four items). Add-ons include $541.95 for the chicken share, $97.50 to $176.95 for the egg share, $250 for the herbal medicine share, and $210 for the summer fruit share.

Landisdale Farm

What to Expect: Family owned and operated, Landisdale Farm’s CSA program operates a bit like a debit card: you choose the among you want loaded on your pre-paid card, then show up to either the Clark Park Farmers Market or the Landisdale Farm store to choose from the organic produce and chicken, grass-fed beef, and free-range eggs what you want to take home. These “purchases” from the market or farm store will be deducted from your card.

Length of Time: Landisdale Farm is year-round.

Pick-Up Location: The farm store (838 Ono Road in Jonestown) and Clark Park Farmers Market (43rd Street and Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia).

Cost: You can pre-load your card with $295 to $695, depending on how much you’d like to purchase throughout the year.

Living Hope Farm   

What to Expect: Shares come in three sizes, large, small and mini. Each one is packed full of seasonal offerings, fresh veggies, poultry, and eggs, all available for a weekly pickup.

Length of Time: Lasts for 22 weeks and runs from June through October.

Pick-up Location: The farm (461 Indian Creek Road in Harleysville)

Cost: $795 for a large share (10 items), $495 for a small share (six items), and $250 for a mini share (three items). Egg shares are $71.50 for a half dozen egg shares and $121 for a one dozen egg share.

Love Grows

What to Expect: CSAs from Love Grows come in two sizes, large and medium. The large boxed share is packed with nine fresh and locally-grown produce. The medium boxed share comes with five nutritious and nutrient-dense items. When you become a CSA member, you’re also given a Market Share option, where you can pick your own veggies and receive a discount. Love Grows also offers an add-on of one dozen eggs.

Length of Time: Weekly pickup starts in April and runs until December. The Market Share program starts in June and ends in November, also a weekly pickup.

Pick-up Location: Doylestown Farmers Market, Yardley Farmers Market, Playwicki Farm, Wrightstown Farmers Market

Cost: $760 for the large boxed share; $450 for the medium boxed share; $80 for the market share; $7.50 for the eggs add-on.

Philly Foodworks

What to Expect: Instead of paying up front, Philly Foodworks offers a pay-as-you go option for weekly and bi-weekly shares. Philly Foodworks is carefully curated to fit your needs and provides customizable boxes.

Length of Time: Available all year round, with item availability depending on the season.

Pick-up Location: Philly Foodworks has over 60 pick-up locations around the city. Use this tool to find a pick-up location near you.

Cost: $40.71 for the harvest box (six to eight veggies and one to two types of fruit); $42.71 for the small customizable box (six to eight veggies and one to two types of fruit); $44.15 for the large customizable box (eight to 11 veggies and one to three different types of fruit).

CSA share from Pennypack Farm / Photograph courtesy Pennypack Farm

Pennypack Farm

What to Expect:  Pennypack Farm offers a medley of high quality and locally sourced fruits and veggies. Shares come in three sizes and are delivered weekly – mini (four items), regular (six items), and large (ten items). Because pickups are on the farm, you’re able to reconnect with nature and connect with other community members.

Length of Time: Pennypack Farm’s CSA lasts for 24 weeks, starting in late May/early June and lasting until early November.

Pick-up Location: The farm (685 Mann Road in Horsham)

Cost: $456 for the mini share; $576 for the regular share; $816 for the large share

Rineer Family Farms

What to Expect: Nestled in Lancaster County, Rineer Family Farms lets you get the final say with their made-to-order CSA program. Here, you’re able to select which fruits and vegetables go into your share, how many, and when.

Length of Time: Available year round, so you can start whenever you’d like.

Pick-up Location: Rittenhouse Farmers Market and Chestnut Hill Farmers Market

Cost: It depends on what you order. That’s because Rineer Family Farms’ shares are custom made by you and are priced by the pound.

Sankanac CSA  

What to Expect: Members can choose to purchase either a full or partial share. A full share is designed to feed a family of four and a partial share feeds one to two people. Sankanac packs their shares with vegetables, berries, flowers, and herbs.

Length of Time: Sankanac offers a 24-week share on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Pick-up Location: The farm (1731 French Creek Road in Phoenixville)

Cost: $828 for a full share and $476 for a partial share.

Stoney Lane Farm   

What to Expect: Stoney Lane Farm offers two styles of shares called Vintage and Transcend. The Vintage share is entirely produce, offers a wide array of fruits and vegetables, and comes in five sizes. The Transcend share comes in three sizes and includes produce, locally sourced meats, cheeses, dry goods, and seasonal decorations.

Length of Time: Stoney Lane Farm’s 22-week share starts mid-April

Pick-up Location: The farm (5055 Ridge Road in New Hope). There’s also a delivery option, which costs an additional $7 and a delivery fee of $1.50 per mile outside of their delivery radius.

Cost: Vintage Share: $220 for the Shack-sized share, $440 for the Cottage, $660 for the Colonial, $880 for the Estate, and $1100 for the Ranch-sized share. Transcend Share: $500 for the Attis-sized share, $750 for the Demeter, and $1000 for the Gaia-sized share.

Taproot Farm

What to Expect: Shares come in three sizes: the small share includes five items, the medium share contains seven items, and the large share holds 10 items. Taproot Farm also offers a variety of add-ons such as fruits, eggs, cheeses, coffee, and mushrooms.

Length of Time: Shares run for 23 weeks from June to October.

Pick-up Location: Various locations including Allentown, Chestnut Hill, Fishtown, and Old City. The full list of pick-up sites can be found here.

Cost: $437 for the small share, $552 for the medium share, $736 for a large share. Add-ons: $97.50 for the fruit share, $80.50 (half-dozen) and $138 (dozen) for the egg share, $198 for a two cheese share, $154 for the coffee share (12 oz), and $161 for a half pound mushroom share.

Additional reporting by Laura Brzyski and Bailey King.