19 Spring and Summer CSA Programs in Philadelphia for Farm-Fresh Produce All Season Long

Including where to pick up, how much they cost, and what you'll get in your Philadelphia-area CSA shares.

Photograph by Bryn Ashburn / courtesy Greensgrow Farm Share

Here in Philly, March is a confusing time weather-wise. But even though it may not always feel like it, spring is coming, and we can’t wait. I mean, what’s there not to love? Sunshine? Sure. No need to bundle up every time you step out the door? Yeah, that’s a plus. And of course, all that fresh, bright, and delicious spring produce. And what better way to score produce than by supporting your local farms through a CSA?

“CSA” stands for community-supported agriculture. Before harvest season begins, farms sell “shares” of their crops to local community members who, in return for their investment, get a consistent flow of fruits and veggies (and, in some cases, other yummy add-on items, like artisanal cheese) for the season. Generally, you pick up your weekly or biweekly box of fresh produce from the farm, a pickup location in your ‘hood or some will even deliver your haul right to your door. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

The CSA situation is definitely mutually beneficial for you and the farmers. Some farms allow shareholders to pick their own produce or get participants to work in the fields to bring down the cost of their shares. You’ll learn invaluable gardening and farming practices while getting a few gulps of fresh air — a welcome change for us city folks. Plus, CSAs are a great way to try out your new weird favorite veggie.

So now that you’re all filled in on CSA operations, all you have to do is pick one. That may sound easy, but there are actually a TON of options in the area. Fret not, veggie seekers. We’ve compiled a list of 19 CSAs in the area and outlined all the info you need to know. Here’s to a season full of veggie munching!

Blooming Glen Farm

What to expect: Your weekly box will contain six to 12 different vegetables, which vary depending on the season and share size you choose. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to pick some of your own produce, flowers, and herbs for yourself. Heads up: This means you’ll literally be harvesting your own crops. Don’t forget your clippers!
Length of time: A 26-week pick-up plan is available from late May through early November.
Pickup location: The farm (98 Moyer Road in Perkasie), Doylestown, and Warrington.
Cost: $860 for the 26-week, full-share program; $468 for the 26-week, half-share program (pick up every other week); $780 for the large box, 26-week delivery program (10 to 12 items); $572 for the medium box 26-week delivery program (six to seven items). Farm stand discounts are available to all CSA members.

Carousel House Farm

What to expect: Hosted by the Fairmount Park Conservancy, this CSA utilizes the vegetables and flowers grown by those with disabilities at the Carousel House. They only offer a medium-share option, which provides five to six items per week.
Length of time: 22 weeks from June to October.
Pickup location: The farm (4300 Avenue of the Republic in Fairmount Park). Note: Pickup this year only occurs on Tuesdays from 4 to 7 p.m.
Cost: $380.

The Common Market

What to expect: The Common Market offers bi-weekly pickup and deliveries, which they preface with an email prior to delivery containing seasonal recipes and what to expect in your share. They offer a small and large share option;  the small contains five or six produce items while the large includes eight or nine. They also offer add-ons like a full meat share, an artisan cheese share, and an egg share.
Length of time: 12 bi-weekly deliveries from June to November.
Pickup location: Participating site hosts throughout the region
Cost: $367 for the large share and $265 for small produce share.

Crawford Organics

What to expect: This share contains around seven to nine different fresh veggies in each box. Expect to see leafy greens, lettuce, and potatoes in the spring, with sweet corn, tomatoes, and watermelon in the summer. Additional fruit, yogurt, and egg shares can be purchased separately. You can also opt for a mini share, which contains five to six items in slightly smaller portions.
Length of time: The early-start CSA is a four-week share that begins April 9th and ends April 30th, for those of us who want a head start on the early spring vegetables. The spring/summer CSA lasts 16 weeks, beginning in May and ending in August.
Pickup location:  The farm (387 Iron Bridge Road in East Earl). A full list of drop sites can be found here. Note: Home delivery is an affordable option, costing $6 per box.
Cost: Early CSA program: $108 for a four-week share, $54 for biweekly program; $528 for 16-week spring/summer share, $264 for biweekly share. Mini share: $352 for the weekly share; $176 bi-weekly schedule. Make sure to check out all the discounts for buying in bulk, local customers, and more.

Down to Earth Harvest

What to expect: Down to Earth Harvest offers flexible and customizable subscriptions, with add-on and opt-out options to best serve your lifestyle and appetite. Each Tuesday, members will receive their “online market” of that week’s available offerings. Plus, if you need to sit out a week for any reason, you can “bank” your share for another time without penalty.  
Length of time: This year, Down to Earth Harvest offers two 10-week sessions with either weekly or bi-weekly commitments.
Pick-up location: The farm (1585 Winfield Drive in Downingtown); Malvern (17 Ravine Road); Kennett Square (Walnut and Cypress in Chester County).
Cost: $250.

Greensgrow Farms / Photograph by M. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia

Greensgrow Farms

What to expect: This year, Greensgrow Farms has partnered with Philly Foodworks, a local food distribution company. With more than 500 local items in its online market, Philly Foodworks has created three shares that closely mimic previous Greensgrow Farms subscriptions. You’ll still receive a seasonal assortment of either five to seven or eight to 11 fruits and vegetables depending on which share you order. There are add-on shares like cheese, coffee, and bread available as well. Note: All protein options are treated as add-ons rather than automatically included.
Length of time: The new partnership allows for a year-round CSA.
Pick-up location: At the farm (2501 East Cumberland Street in Philadelphia); West Philadelphia (5123 Baltimore Avenue); Queen Village (714 South 4th Street); Rittenhouse Square (262 South 19th Street); Additional locations can be found here.
Cost: $35 an order for the Greensgrow Small Subscription; $47 an order for the Greensgrow Large Subscription; $53 an order for the Greensgrow Meat & Produce Subscription.

Henry Got Crops

What to expect: The farm is a partnership between Weavers Way Co-op, Weavers Way Community Programs, Saul High School of Agriculture, and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. All produce is grown at Saul High School in Philadelphia, and Weavers Way staff manage the farm  in collaboration with students and teachers from Saul. The small share consists of five to six units of vegetables, while the large share has 10 to 12 units. When available, there are also you-pick options.
Length of time: 24 weeks from late May through October.
Pick-up location: Pick-ups are at the farm, across the street from Saul High School, at 7095 Henry Avenue in Philadelphia.
Cost: $465 for small shares and $850 for a large share. You can get discounts for volunteering to work at the farm.

Highland Orchards

What to expect: This year-round CSA will contain a mix of both fruits and veggies in each share. A small share has six to seven vegetables, one herb, and one fruit. A large share contains nine to 11 veggies, two herbs, and one to two kinds of fruit. There’s also a fruit-only share, as well as a meat CSA, which is offered year-round. They have a ton of add-ons as well, including bakery items (pies!), eggs, and dairy products.
Length of time: The fruit and veggie share, as well as the fruit-only share, is available all year and can be delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly. The meat CSA is available monthly.
Pick-up location: Places throughout Philadelphia and surrounding areas. The meat shares are available for pickup from Highland Orchards (1431 Foulk Road in Wilmington) on the second Saturday of each month between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Cost: The large veggie share with fruit is $24.85 for a single delivery, $298 for the full share, and $99.35 for four shares. The small veggie share with fruit is $15.75 for a single delivery, $189 for the full share, and $63 for four shares. The fruit-only share is $12 for a single fruit delivery, $144 for the full share, and $48 for four shares. The meat share is $38 for a single delivery of chicken and $85 for a single delivery of three different kinds of meat.

Jack’s Farm

What to expect: Jack’s Farm does things a bit differently. This pay-as-you-go and certified organic CSA requires no up-front commitment. Instead, it asks members to sign up for its email list. Each week the farm sends emails that will list the produce available for pickup and the price on a given week. It is then up to you to decide if you’d like to commit to purchasing the share. All that’s left for you is to pay and pick up on the specified date.
Length of time: Year-round for Pottstown pickup; 30 weeks for delivered locations.
Pickup location: Multiple locations, including the farm (1370 West Schuylkill Road in Pottstown) and Philadelphia (601 North 2nd Street in Northern Liberties).
Cost: Pay-as-you-go; price is dependent on the week’s share.

Kimberton Farm

What to expect: Shares consist of different vegetables, herbs, and some berries. Featured items include tomatoes, peppers, arugula, eggplant, and more. There are free-choice items, such as greens and herbs, which you can take as needed. You can pick some of your own produce, like peppers, beans, flowers, and tomatoes, directly from the farm.
Length of time: This CSA starts at the end of May and runs until around Thanksgiving, about 26 weeks in total.
Pickup location: At the farm (415 West Seven Stars Road in Phoenixville).
Cost: $910 for a full share, $500 for a partial share (delivered biweekly), and $1,000 for a split share (produce shared between two households).

Lancaster Farm Fresh

What to expect: There will be four to 13 items in your weekly share, depending on the size you choose. To plan your meals ahead of time, a newsletter will be sent out detailing the produce to expect for the week. There are tons of add-ons, including eggs, herbs, meat, and even a community-supported medicine share.
Length of time: Lasting 27 weeks, from April 29th to October 28th, athough dates vary for add-on items.
Pickup location: There are more than 60 pickup sites across Philadelphia and surrounding neighborhoods; use the website’s location finder to find the closest pickup location to you.
Cost: $890 for the large vegetable share (11-13 items), $650 for the medium vegetable share (7-8 items), and $445 for the small vegetable share (four items). Add-ons include $540 for the chicken share, $250 for the community-supported medicine share, $210 for the fruit share, and $98 to $180 for the egg share, depending on frequency of delivery.

Landisdale Farm

What to expect: There will be a variety of six to eight items offered each week. Produce includes peppers, Swiss chard, potatoes, and more. You can check out previous shares here. The farm has also started offering a meat share that includes beef and pork offerings.
Length of time: This CSA lasts 21 weeks, from the first week of June to the third week of October.
Pickup location: At the farm (838 Ono Road in Jonestown), Clark Park Farmers’ Market (4300 to 4398 Baltimore Avenue in West Philly), the Market at the Fareway (8221 Germantown Avenue, behind the Chestnut Hill Hotel in Chestnut Hill), and OpenBox Athletics (1931 Washington Avenue in South Philly).
Cost: $430 for weekly delivery or $260 for biweekly delivery. The meat share is $588 for a weekly delivery and $325 for a bi-weekly share.

Love Grows

What to expect: Love Grows CSA has two share options for 2019: a market share and a customized box. For the market share, you’ll pay $65 to become a member and receive 20 percent off veggies at any of the CSA’s farmer’s market stands from June through November. This is a good option for anyone looking to choose their own vegetables without worrying about missing a pickup. If you’re looking for a more traditional CSA, the customized box share option lets you pick between five and nine items each week from the list of available produce, depending on your share size.
Length of time: 20 weeks from June through October.
Pickup location: Doylestown Farmers Market, Yardley Farmers Market, and Horsham Farmers Market for market share. Newtown Athletic Club (120 Pheasant Run in Newtown) for customized box share only.
Cost: $660 for the large share (nine items) or $380 every other week; $440 for the medium share (five items) or $280 EOW; $65 plus pay-as-you-go (with 20 percent off veggies) for market share.

CSA share from Pennypack Farm / Photograph courtesy Pennypack Farm

Pennypack Farm

What to expect: A medley of vegetables like eggplants, peppers, squash, onions, and more. Choice picks and you-picks are also available options upon pickup. Add-on shares include fruit, eggs, and chicken, depending on your pickup location.
Length of time: The CSA is 24 weeks long, beginning in late May/early June and lasting until the early weeks of November.
Pickup location: The Harvest House at the Pennypack Horsham Farm (685 Mann Road, Horsham) between 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.
Cost: $810 for the large share (10 items), $570 for the regular share (six items), and $450 for the mini share (four items). Note: The mini share is currently waitlist only.

Philly Foodworks

What to expect: Instead of paying for the season upfront, you can choose to pay weekly or biweekly for the Philly Foodworks CSA, and the price of your box will vary depending on the contents you pick. You have the freedom to add or remove items from traditional CSA options like the Chef’s Share. Even more convenient: You can do all this CSA shopping online. For those who want to completely customize their share, there is an option to build a share from the ground up, with some additional fees. Plenty of add-ons are available, too, like a bacon share, a yogurt share, a cheese share, and more.
Length of time: Shares are available all year round, with item availability depending on the season.
Pickup location: More than 60 pickup locations exist all over the city, and home delivery is an option in certain neighborhoods of Philadelphia and the ‘burbs for an additional fee.
Cost: $45 for the large farmer’s share (10 to 12 items), $35 for the small farmer’s share (seven to nine items), $45 for the chef’s share (seven to nine produce items and one pantry item), and $35 for the local share (seven to nine produce items).

Red Earth Farm

What to expect: You get your choice of eight to 11 vegetables on a weekly basis for the full share, six to seven veggies per week for the partial share, and four to five items per week for the solo share (if you want your veggies all to yourself). Items include potatoes, beans, tomatoes, bok choy, and more. Plenty of add-ons are available, like artisan cheese, egg, and fruit shares.
Length of time: This CSA runs 22 weeks, from June 2nd to November 2nd.
Pickup location: There are plenty of locations with varying pickup days in and around Philly. Find the location closest to you here.
Cost: $726 for a full share, $616 for a partial share, and $506 for a solo share.

Rineer Family Farms

What to expect: The Rineer Family Farms shares last five and 10 weeks, instead of a full-season commitment, but are available all year round. Each share contains a dozen eggs, a canned item, five seasonal fruits/veggies/mushrooms, and a surprise item. It’s a perfect way to try out a CSA without having to lock yourself into an entire season’s worth of crops.
Length of time: This CSA is a year-round operation, so you can start whenever you’d like.
Pickup: Thursdays at Suburban Station, Saturdays at the Rittenhouse Farmers’ Market and the Chestnut Hill Farmers’ Market, and Sundays at the Spring Mill Farmers’ Market. And, if you live in Northeast Philadelphia, your share gets delivered to your door on Saturday mornings.
Cost: $330 for a 10-week share, $200 for a five-week share.

Taproot Farm

What to expect: There are three different share types to choose from: The small share features five items each week, the medium share contains seven items a week, and the large share consists of 10 items per week. Items include fresh vegetables, with the occasional addition of fruits and herbs. There is also egg, fruit, cheese, mushroom, coffee, and dairy share add-ons.
Length of time: This CSA lasts 23 weeks from June through November.
Pickup: Various locations throughout Philadelphia, Berks County, and the Lehigh Valley.
Cost: $415 for the small share, $500 for the medium share, $700 for the large share. Add-ons: $66 (half-dozen) to $126.50 (dozen) for the egg share, $155 for the fruit share, $161 for the mushroom share (1/2 pound), $198 for a two cheese share, $55 for cream top yogurt (one quart EOW), $66 for salted butter (one nine-ounce container EOW), and $155 for the coffee share (12 ounces EOW).

Z Food Farm

What to expect: You’ll receive organic vegetables, with bundles designed to feed one to three people in the individual size and three to five people in the full size. There is also a market share option for people who want to select their own produce at their leisure. This requires pre-purchasing credit to use throughout the season.
Length of time: This CSA runs 25 weeks from late May/early June through mid-November.
Pickup: Z Food Farm in Lawrenceville on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays or the Rittenhouse Square Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.
Cost: $899 for the full share and $549 for the individual share. Market shares: $250 for $265 worth of credit, $375 for $405 worth of credit, and $500 for $550 worth of credit. Make sure to check for discounts and credit bonuses for returning members.

Additional reporting by Laura Brzyski.

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