Here’s When Giant Heirloom Market Will Open in Graduate Hospital

Giant Heirloom Market Graduate Hospital will have on-tap kombucha, Isgro Pastries, and so much more.

giant heirloom market Graduate Hospital

Giant Heirloom Market Graduate Hospital is opening January 25. Photograph courtesy Giant Food Stores.

We’re in a new age of grocery shopping, Philly, and you won’t hear any complaints from us. Sprouts opened in September, bringing supercharged amenities like on-tap kombucha, a massive bulk foods section, and tons of prepared foods to South Broad Street. Plus, there’s the Fairmount Whole Foods, which has its own in-store restaurant row with the likes of Goldie Falafel and Federal Donuts.

But as the grocery shopping experience gets elevated, so do our expectations. Thankfully, this is no secret to those in charge over at Giant Food Stores, who announced in October that they’ve got their own fancier, upgraded grocery shopping concept in the works, Giant Heirloom Market.

The 9,500-square-foot store is slated to open in Graduate Hospital on January 25. The new shop will be curated for the neighborhood, with an emphasis on local foods as well as seasonal and organic selections. And by “local foods” we mean goods from Isgro Pastries, High Street on Market, One Village Coffee, Sarcone’s Bakery, and more. So, um, definitely plan on them having a stellar bread and pastries selection, friends.

Oh, and to go with all that carb-y goodness, you’d better believe they’ll also have a strong selection of plant-based foods, in addition to on-tap kombucha (watch your back, Sprouts!), a DIY olive oil and vinegar infusion station (I know, what?!), and an on-staff “Produce Chef” whose job is literally “to encourage exploration and to cut fresh vegetables and fruit on demand.” Wow.

The store will open its doors at 7 a.m. on January 25, and the first 250 customers in the door will receive a free tote bag. Throughout the day, the store will also offer food demos and sampling.

Giant Heirloom Market Graduate Hospital will be located at 2303 Bainbridge Street.

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