6 Bottled Protein Shakes That Trainers Love — And Actually Taste Good

Non-disgusting protein shakes do exist.

protein shakes

Find tasty protein shakes with the help of these expert recommendations. Background image via iStock/MariyaII

Sure, it’d be great if we all had time to blend up our own healthy, superfood-filled protein shakes every single day, but stuff happens. And when we’re running out the door, so late it’s not even funny, we’re glad that we still have options for grab-and-go, healthy, protein-packed breakfasts in the form of pre-made protein shakes.

While some bottled protein shakes are, well, disgusting — what’s the deal with the chalky flavor, guys? — Philly’s fitness pros have landed on some drinks that are both high-protein and highly delicious. Read on for their faves.


Koia protein shakes provide a good plant-based option.

“It’s a plant-based protein drink. While I am not vegan/vegetarian, I am dairy free, so anything with whey protein is tough on my stomach. I personally love this one because of the high protein content, great taste (i.e. not chalky…too often found in plant-based protein drinks), and low sugar content. My favorite flavors are Vanilla Bean and Coconut Almond.” — Ryan Lewis, senior instructor at SoulCycle

CalNaturale Svelte Organic Protein Shake (Cappuccino)

protein shakes

Protein shakes can make for a great morning drink — especially when they’re coffee-flavored.

“It’s low in sugar, packed with lots of calcium and Vitamin D. It taste like a Starbucks Frappuccino, but it’s loaded with protein. An all-around super yummy shake!” — Robyn Weisman, personal trainer at Results by RW

Sip-N-Glo Vanilla Majik Pump Up

protein shakes

Sip-N-Glo’s new-ish protein shakes taste great without tons of sugar.

“I’ll seriously walk way out of my way to grab a Vanilla Majik Pump Up. It’s pre-bottled in the fridge and blue because of the blue majik. It tastes like an actual dessert and has vanilla protein and almond milk so it’s a decent dose of protein.” — Jessica Sullivan, spin instructor at Flywheel Sports

Snap Kitchen Power Cacao Protein Shake

protein shakes

Snap Kitchen also sells protein shakes.

“I drink it as a post-workout shake (because I’m forever in a state of post-workout), and specifically after my evening Pedal + Punch classes, which is when I try to avoid drinking or eating anything that feels too heavy. And of course, it tastes like chocolate, so there’s that.” — Jen Crompton, owner and instructor at Fuel Cycle Fitness


protein shakes

Plant-based protein shakes can be a great option for vegans and non-vegans alike.

“Being plant-based, it’s challenging to find a pre-made, vegan protein drink that doesn’t taste like chalk. I love this because not only does it taste phenom, but I’m putting only natural ingredients into my body.
It’s also vegan, non-GMO and doesn’t contain soy, dairy, or gluten. This isn’t a meal replacement — think of it more as a midday snack or for after a workout to replenish your body.” — Juliet Sabella, owner and instructor at The Wall Fitness

Core Power Elite Chocolate

protein shakes

Protein shakes that are low in sugar and this high in protein can be hard to come by.

“In the ready-to-drink (RTD) space, I haven’t found anything that comes close to the taste you get with Core Power, which happens to be a Fa!rlife product.  The chocolate and coffee flavors are phenomenal and don’t have the chalky aftertaste that a lot of other RTDs have.  Their Elite product has a pretty low sugar content, too, which is hard to find.” — Greg Ferrara, coach at OpenBox Athletics

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