The Ultimate Guide to Barre Studios Around Philadelphia

These 26 barre studios around Philadelphia are ready to make you feel the burn.

barre studios around philadelphia

Get fit at one of these 25 barre studios around Philadelphia. Photograph courtesy Barre3.

Barre is currently insanely popular in Philadelphia — and it’s easy to see why. The low-impact, high repetition nature of the exercise means you can get very shaky and very sore in a 45 or 60-minute class, sometimes without ever even breaking a sweat. And let’s face it — who doesn’t love getting in an intense workout that doesn’t leave you desperate for a shower, am I right?

But if you need more proof that barre is everywhere these days, look no further than our list of 25 (TWENTY! FIVE!) barre studios around Philadelphia offering the workout.

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Aim High Studio

Where: 3025 West Germantown Pike (Collegeville)  
Drop in Price: $13
Socks: Optional
Showers: Yes
This studio is about way more than just barre; in addition to their wide range of classes, they also offer spa and nutrition services to take care of yourself after your workout and to help you keep up with a healthy lifestyle outside of the studio.


Where: 232 Market Street (Old City) 
Drop in Price: $28
Socks: Grip socks required, available for purchase ($14 to $24 per pair)
Showers: Yes
The Allongée technique combines aspects of barre, ballet, and cardio for a fusion class like none other. Alongée, located in the heart of Old City, gives us major ballet studio vibes while simultaneously maintaining its no-nonsense fitness feel.

Artists in Motion Dance and Fitness

Where: 1724 Marlton Pike East (Cherry Hill)
Drop in Price: $15
Socks: Optional
Showers: No
At AIM, dance is at the heart of everything they do. The owners brought Zumba and barre classes to the studio as a way to bring dance to people of all ages and to share their love of the arts through fitness.


barre studios around philadelphia

Barre3 has multiple barre studios around Philadelphia. Photograph courtesy Barre3 Rittenhouse.

Where: 1500 Sansom Street (Rittenhouse), 579 Lancaster Avenue (Berwyn), 1721 South Easton Road (Doylestown), 2875 South Eagle Road (Newtown), 1149 East Lancaster Avenue (Rosemont)
Drop-in price: $25 at Rittenhouse, $24 everywhere else  
Socks: Optional
Showers: Available at select locations
Since the opening of its flagship location in 2008 in Portland, Barre3 has become one of the biggest names in boutique barre studios. Barre3’s workout uses a signature three-step approach featuring isometric holds, small range movements, then finally working up to large dynamic movements to create a workout experience for all needs. What does that mean for you? As soon as you feel like you can’t handle one more pulse, you move into bigger, cardio-driven moves for some sweet, sweet relief. 

Barre Balanced

Where: 1102 Baltimore Pike (Glen Mills)
Drop in Price: $19
Socks: Optional
Showers: No
The locally owned and operated barre studio models their classes after dance techniques created by German dancer Lotte Berk. Berk’s philosophy is rooted in her experience as a dancer and an emphasis on targeting major muscle groups to both strengthen and increase flexibility to create a dancer-like body.

Barre Focus Fitness

Where: 510 West Lancaster Avenue (Haverford)
Drop in Price: $22
Socks: Any socks — grip or other kinds — required 
Showers: No
Barre Focus is the sister studio to the Center City-based Focus Barre and Yoga. Here you can choose between their signature 60-minute class to focus on toning and sculpting all major muscle groups or their mixed-level 45-minute classes. For those of you who are total barre fanatics, you can unlock their Level Two classes after your tenth visit to their studio.


Where: 196 West Ridge Pike (Limerick)
Drop in Price: $17
Socks: Grip socks required, on sale at studio
Showers: No
BodyRide’s newly revamped barre schedule offers a range of classes from beginner to advanced and flex barre classes. The instructors work with you during each and every class to make adjustments for each and every student. While you’re killing your workout, your little ones can hang out at BodyRide’s Kid City.

Focus Barre and Yoga

Where: 1923 Chestnut Street (Rittenhouse)
Drop in Price: $20, $16 with a valid student ID
Socks: Any sock required
Showers: No
As the sister studio to Barre Focus Fitness, Focus Barre and Yoga brings their signature 60-minute “power packed” workout into the heart of the city.  With an emphasis on stretching at the end of every class, these classes help to not only strengthen muscle groups but also work on posture and balance. They offer a number of different barre classes as well as yoga classes for all levels.

La Belle Fit

Where: 219 Haddonfield Berlin Road (Cherry Hill)
Drop in Price: $20
Socks: Grip socks preferred, available in studio ($10 per pair)
Showers: Yes
This South Jersey barre studio is home to a 1,600 square foot dance studio with three smaller rooms for barre, spin, and their nutrition counseling.

Love 2 Be Fit Studio

Where: 43 Marchwood Road (Exton)
Drop in Price: $15
Socks: Required
Showers: Yes
With a 3,200-square-foot studio fully equipped with a killer sound system and deejay lighting, workouts here always feel like a party. This tight knit community of fitness dancers even offer a free accountability group to help keep you on track.

Lumos Yoga and Barre

barre studios around Philadelphia

Lumos is one of the newer barre studios around Philadelphia. Photograph by Caroline Cunningham

Where: 2001 Green Street (Fairmount)
Drop In Price: $17 per class, $10 for first time students
Socks: Grip socks required, offered for purchase or rental ($1 per pair per class)
Showers: No, but the studio offers a number of environmentally friendly amenities such as biodegradable face wipes, hair ties, and hand towels to help you freshen up. 
This yoga and barre hybrid studio is so much more than your average neighborhood fitness studio. Co-founders Jessica Benhaim and Larkin Silverman wanted to create an open and welcoming space for everyone to foster a non competitive environment for all fitness lovers. With one yoga and one barre room, Lumos is also dedicated to promoting sustainability efforts every chance they get whether its a bottle filling station or hand towels laundered by a local zero emissions laundry service.

Pure Barre

ure Barre Washington Square West

Pure Empower is available at Pure Barre, one of the top barre studios around Philadelphia.

Where: Multiple area locations
Drop In Prices: $23 to $24, depending on location
Socks: Any sock required, can be purchased at any of their locations
Showers: Not at the Center City location. Contact your nearest location to confirm.
Pure Barre combines elements from Pilates, yoga, and ballet to create a full-body workout. With a number of traditional barre and beginner-friendly classes, there truly something for everyone at Pure Barre, no matter what your fitness level may be. If you want to kick it up a notch, their Pure Empower offers a more cardio intensive class for veteran barre goers.

Pure Energy

Where: 21 Plank Avenue (Paoli)
Drop in Price: $20
Socks: Optional, available for purchase in studio  
Showers: Yes
Pure Energy offers not one but seven different types of barre classes for the total barre nut looking to spice up their routine. Whether you’re a total cardio junkie or looking to tone up a specific area, Pure Energy has a class dedicated to you. They even offer a “sports barre” class for a more athletic approach to the ballet-based program. Or check out “air barre,” which utilizes the aerial hammock for a completely different spin on your run-of-the-mill barre class.

Remix Fitness

barre studios around Philadelphia

Remix Fitness is another one of the new-for-2018 barre studios around Philadelphia. Photograph courtesy Remix Fitness.

Where: 116 Welsh Road (Horsham)
Drop in Price: $20
Socks: Grip socks recommended
Showers: No
At Remix, you will have access to the well-rounded fitness program of a big box gym with a boutique community and feel. Their door officially opened mid-September to offer the Horsham area a range of workouts, including barre!

Ride Barre and TRX

Where: 225 2nd Street Pike (Southampton)
Drop in Price: $18 per class
Socks: Grip socks preferred, any sock is fine
Showers: Yes
Another brand-new studio offering a huge lineup of standard and fusion classes. Want a full 45 minutes of barre? They’ve got it! Want you barre with a side of spin? They’ve got that too! Ride also offers childcare during all classes so you can have a killer sweat sesh while the kids are safe and sound.

Rise Barre & Fitness

Where: 821 North Bethlehem Pike (Ambler)
Drop In Price: $20
Socks: Socks required; grip socks available for purchase.
Showers: No.
This studio blends cardio and resistance training in every class, but if you want a little extra burst of heart-friendly work, you can try Rise Cardio. Ready to turn it up a notch? Try the 75-minute Rise Barre Plus. Strapped for time? Sign up for the 45-minute express class. Need childcare? They’ve got that too — plus an in-house health coach to help you reach your wellness goals.

SoulBeat Studio

Where: 2832 Audubon Village Drive (Audubon)
Drop in Price: $17
Socks: Grip socks optional, available for purchase for $12 per pair
Showers: No
This rhythmic-based studio specializes in spin and barre. You can opt to take their signature 45-minute SoulBarre class set the beat of some great tunes or their 60-minute SoulFusion class. SoulFusion offers you the best of both worlds with 30 minutes of high intensity cardio in the spin studio and 30 minutes of toning and strengthening at the barre.

stRIDE Spin and Fitness

barre studios around Philadelphia

In addition to being one of several new barre studios around Philadelphia, Stride also offers many other workouts, like boxing. Photograph courtesy Stride Spin & Fitness.

Where: 420 Schuylkill Road (Phoenixville)
Drop in Price: $18
Socks: Optional
Showers: Yes
This suburban fitness studio offers six different workouts to keep clients from hitting the dreaded “workout plateau.” Whether you’re interested in classic barre or one of stRIDE’s many barre fusion classes, these low-impact classes will are here to give you big results.

The Bar Method

Where: 107 North Aberdeen Avenue (Wayne) and 255 S. 17th Street (Rittenhouse)
Drop in Price: $26
Socks: Grip socks required, available for purchase at both locations
Showers: Yes
Most classes at The Bar Method will run you about an hour but the results last long beyond the duration of the class. The instructors work closely with physical therapists and undergo extensive training to ensure the safety of each and every student, regardless of physical limitation or injury. Can’t make it into a studio? No problem, The Bar Method offers online subscription allowing clients to take classes anytime anywhere.

The Wall Fitness

barre studios around Philadelphia

The Wall Fitness is one of the top barre studios around Philadelphia. Photograph courtesy Juliet Sabella.

Where: 107 Cotton Street (Manayunk)
Drop in Price: $18
Socks: Required
Showers: Yes
The Wall began as one of Manayunk’s first indoor spin studios and quickly evolved into one of the most diverse fitness centers in the area. From spin to barre to TRX to nearly every combination of the three imaginable, The Wall will always keep things interesting when it comes to barre.

Torc Yoga

Where: 31 South Second Street (Old City)  
Drop in Price: $20
Socks: Optional
Showers: Yes
Torc’s roster of experienced teachers and instructors work with clients to provide empowering workouts, whether it be in one of their yoga or barre classes. This studio also offers a range of massage therapy treatments and spa options to enjoy after your workout.


Where: 328 North Lewis Road (Royersford)
Drop in Price: $17, $13 with a valid student ID
Socks: Grip socks required, available for purchase
Showers: Yes
This is the place where physical meets mental in classes that have you sweating like crazy in each and every class. With 45-minute standard barre classes as well as spin/barre and TRX/barre fusion classes, there is always something to push you further at Torque. Torque offers free classes for first time clients as well as onsite childcare.


Where: 651 Germantown Pike (Lafayette Hill)
Drop in Price: $20, with some $10 drop ins throughout the week
Socks: Any socks required; Tru Barre socks available for purchase ($12 per pair)
Showers: No, but there are changing rooms
TRŪ’s philosophy is grounded in the idea of creating one hour a day for women to dedicate to their health. Their schedule is jam packed with options for women of all ages, as well as expecting and post-natal mothers. With teen, bride, and mommy and me classes there is a TRŪ option for you at every stage of your life.

Tuck Barre and Yoga

 barre studios around Philadelphia

Tuck Barre & Yoga, which has two barre studios around Philadelphia, hosts fun themed nights, like this disco barre class. Photograph by Bailey King.

Where: 1150 South 20th Street (Point Breeze) and 3400 Lancaster Avenue (West Philly)
Drop in Price: $15 (Point Breeze), $20 (West Philly)
Socks: Optional, available for purchase ($12 per pair)
Showers: No
This boutique neighborhood studio has two locations: one in Point Breeze and a new home in West Philly. With such close proximity to Drexel, the West Philly location offers a number of student discounts and specials. Tuck offers a variety of different barre classes from ballet barre for toning or barre shred for the cardio junkies.

Twisters Wellness Center

Where: 131 East Butler Avenue (Ambler) and 717 Bethlehem Pike (Erdenheim)
Drop in Price: $20
Socks: Grip or dance socks preferred
Showers: No
As a full-service wellness facility, Twisters is so much more than a full class schedule. For those of you that are new to barre, Twisters offers a private one-on-one session to help you get acquainted with the program before diving into one of their many group classes or workshops. They even have a wellness advisor on staff to keep you motivated and help you plan your classes to accomplish your personalized goals.

Y2B Fit

Where: 7101 Emlen Street (West Mount Airy)
Drop in Price: $18
Socks: Grip socks required, for sale at studio
Showers: No
Another Philly area studio with a huge range of barre classes for all levels as well as virtual training for those constantly on the go. Y2B also offers private and personal training for both yoga and barre to focus on their mission of achieving a more holistic fitness program.

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