The Best Healthy Food Near Bryn Mawr, According to a Main Line Fitness Trainer

If you find yourself on the Main Line looking for healthy options, call upon this list of healthy food near Bryn Mawr, as well as sweat sessions, self-care, and outdoor activities.

healthy food near bryn mawr

Pictured is the Bryn Mawr Film Institute, located right next to Abby Geartner’s pick for healthy food near Bryn Mawr, Hothouse Coffee. (Photo via Flickr user Bart Everson).

Philly has an insanely wonderful fitness scene, but the truth is, many of us tend to stick to our own neighborhoods — we’ve all got our favorite corner coffee shops, yoga studios, healthy food, running trails, and more. That’s why we’re asking local fitness pros to give us a tour of their neighborhoods — and to spill all their secrets on the hidden gems they can’t quit.

It’s been shown time and time again that boutique fitness spots like to open near one another — and that holds especially true in Bryn Mawr, where there are tons of healthy options, all within a mile of one another.

Weighing in the best of the best in Bryn Mawr is Abby Geartner, an instructor at Flywheel, coach at Solidcore and co-founder of Mainline Missfits, a pop-up bootcamp in South Ardmore Park. Needless to say, Geartner spends a lot of her time sweating, eating, and recovering in Bryn Mawr, making her overly qualified to share her tried and true ways of a healthy life there. Read on for Geartner’s go-to spots for the best healthy food near Bryn Mawr, in addition to gyms, workouts, and some good ol’ muscle recovery.

Healthy Food Near Bryn Mawr

Coffee shop: “Hothouse Coffee is a Bryn Mawr favorite, and the first coffee shop I went to when I moved to the area. It’s a small and artsy cafe that happens to be right next to the Bryn Mawr Film Institute, which plays independent films, offering great snacks and food as well as free WiFi to get work done. I really like their Mocha and Vegan French Toast (but you have to get it before 11 a.m.!). I usually swing by mid-morning or mid-afternoon when it’s usually not too crowded.”


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Healthy breakfast spot:Turning Point has amazing coffee and healthy options for both breakfast and lunch. I teach early at Solidcore, and after I teach classes I usually am the first one in the restaurant ordering Avocado Toast with two over-easy eggs. It’s the perfect balance of carbs, fats, and protein to keep me satisfied through most of my day. And if you can’t get a table, Bryn and Danes is right across the way for a quick smoothie or wrap.”

Healthy lunch spot: “Sunset Moon Wellness Center has kombucha ON TAP! That should be reason enough, BUT they also have amazing smoothies. And for a quick bite, try the Besa Me Mucho sandwich: pine nut basil pesto with cured tofu, tomato, and fresh greens.


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Healthy date night spot: “Tredici boasts a beautifully romantic ambiance with small-plate options. I love the fava bean and mushroom appetizer. Oh, and the Bryn Mawr-tini is AMAZING!”

Bar: “Biga Pizza has a late night happy hour on Fridays (perfect for after Mainline MISSfits) for drinks and food. The Daytripper Pizza and the Wood Roasted Beets are delicious.”


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Healthy takeout: “At Bryn and Danes, you can grab a quick smoothie, wrap, or salad to go. I love the Grasshopper Smoothie and I add chia and flax seeds. They also do some seasonal wraps and salads.”

Grocery store for healthy foods: “The Bryn Mawr Farmers’ Market is an outdoor market open every Saturday during the growing season brimming with so much fresh produce and local products. I’m a fan of the pickles you can get there (great for getting your electrolytes back after a workout). I also have a deep love of mushrooms and I find such a wide variety of locally grown mushrooms there!”


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Workouts and Gyms Near Bryn Mawr

Gym: “I go to Planet Fitness in Ardmore once or twice a week for some weight lifting when I’m not at a local fitness studio taking classes. They have everything you need there, with lots of space and clean equipment.”

Workout class: “Aside from Flywheel and Solidcore (my go-to workouts), I love to incorporate barre workouts at Barre Focus Fitness* or Barre3. I also love boxing at Fuel Cycle Fitness*, their Boxing and Beats class is a really fun quick workout! If you are into lifting weights, BodyX has Les Mills Body Pump class which is a full-body workout using weights. They also have boxing classes, rebounding classes, as well as nutrition workshops and kid-focused and friendly classes.”


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Self-Care Near Bryn Mawr

Meditation studio: “For a great flow, Prana Das Yoga* is a beautiful welcoming space. Their Mindful Flow class is a great counter to my busy schedule and the types of workouts I like to do. It slows me down and gives me a chance to slow down and focus on my breath.”


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Spa treatment: Massage Bryn Mawr is my go-to for a nice hour (or more!) of a sports massage. I also I hit up Cryo Myst* for Cryotherapy or infrared sauna after a really busy day of teaching and working out. I feel more energized and my muscles are able to recover more easily which allows me to get back to my workouts the next day with less soreness.”

Outdoor Activities Near Bryn Mawr

Nearby running trail: “The Haverford Nature Trail* (inside Haverford College) is a 2.5-ish- mile trail. It’s a multi-terrain trail with lots of shade and is the perfect place for a quick trail run or walk with your (leashed) dog. The beautiful trees and a small creek and pond are a bonus!”


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Park: “I love being outside, so anywhere I can bring some basic equipment (or no equipment) and workout or run is my absolute favorite. Ashbridge Park is a nice small park off of Montgomery Avenue that has a nice short dirt trail with restrooms and a small playground. Oh, and there’s plenty of parking if you don’t want to run there first. They also have lots of pop up classes like stroller barre class!”

Annual events: “The Bryn Mawr Running CompanyMidsummer Night 5K’ has been my go-to local event since I’ve moved to Philadelphia. It has plenty of races for smaller children before the start of the 5K, and the neighborhood comes out to cheer on the racers and pass out waters. It’s a great way to get out and socialize while enjoying a running race. It is also held once a month on Thursday night from June to August so if you miss one there are two more opportunities!”

*Editor’s Note: these options are not located in Bryn Mawr proper, rather they’re located in Haverford or Ardmore, but are all less than a 10-minute drive away.

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