7 Healthy Things to Do Around Philly When It’s Too Darn Hot Outside

One of the best healthy things to do around Philly when it’s hot? Pool workouts. Photograph by Flickr/Michael Cramer.

Look, you don’t have to tell us twice that it’s ridiculously hot out there. And while even the idea of going for a run in the 90-degree weather with 90-percent humidity makes us a little woozy, that doesn’t mean we have to sit at home on our couches, waiting for fall to arrive. Instead, here are some healthy things to do which might even help you stay cool.

Do a Free Pool Workout

Philly’s public pools are not only a great place to swim some gratis laps, but you can also hit them up for free (!!) pool workouts, like Zumba and poolside yoga. Find a list of classes here.

Get a Cryo Facial

If you’ve ever been so hot you’ve stuck your head in the freezer for a second, you’ll love this super-quick, six-minute facial using liquid nitrogen. A little collagen boost with your cool down? Don’t mind if we do.

Drink Smoothies

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Not only are they cold and incredibly refreshing, you can also pack them with healthy fruits and veggies and protein. There’s nothing like cooling down from the inside out, right? Find spots serving up smoothies around Philly here.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating? In the summertime? Yeah, maybe it’s a little unorthodox, but skating, one of our favorite healthy things to do in the winter, will still give you the same cardio workout no matter what time of year it is. Plus, you get to zoom a giant block of ice in a permanently chilly room, so you’re sure to stay cool. While all the outdoor rinks are closed over the warmer months, you can get your skate on year-round at Simons Recreation Center or Tarken Ice Rink.

Do a Short, At-Home Workout

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Can’t handle trying to cool down after an hour-long sweat? Try a shorter HIIT session — like this lower body circuit or this ab workout — at home, or anywhere that’s nice and air conditioned.

Take a SUP Class

While falling off your board might normally seem like a bad thing, we might actually try to fall in during Aqua Vida’s classes on the water. Besides, after a spill, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the class.

Eat Nutritionist-Approved Frozen Treats

Popsicles that are basically frozen green juice? We’re sold. (And pssst, you can find them at Essene Market in Queen Village.) Find more nutritionist-approved cold treats here.

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