This Pop-Up Workout Includes a Nutrition Myths Chat and Free Sweetgreen

A workout and nutrition info and food? It's all our favorite things in one event.

Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

You know what would be great? If every workout came with a nutrition seminar attached. For one thing, I’m sure we’d all have a much better understanding of how to properly fuel our bodies. For another, it’d be a really good reminder that exercise is just one part of living a healthy lifestyle.

At a pop-up event later this month, your fitness will come with a side of nutrition education, thanks to Philly trainer Tracy Simmons and clinical nutritionist and health coach Cristina HoytAt the event, dubbed Girlfriends Morning Movement Meet-Up, Simmons will kick things off with a 45-minute body-weight circuit that’ll mix in some body-weight resistance training with cardio. Then —after refueling with Honeybars from Honeygrown — Hoyt will lead a discussion on pre- and post-workout nutrition myths (as in, how much protein do you really need right after working out?).

There will of course be plenty of time for Q&A as well, so you can ask Hoyt all of your pressing questions about how to best eat around your workouts. Sweetgreen will also supply some salads, so no worries about all the food talk making you hungry — they’ve got you covered!

The workout will be designed for all fitness levels, and all you’ll need to bring is your yoga mat. Meanwhile, Hoyt’s approach to nutrition is all about listening to your body and ditching diet culture, so you can plan on getting a hearty dose of body positivity at this event as well.

The Girlfriends Morning Movement Meet-Up is scheduled for Saturday, August 18 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Industrious co-working space in Center City. Tickets are $45, and they can be purchased here.

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