14 Philly-Area Boutique Fitness Studios Where Your First Class is Free

The Wall Fitness in Manayunk. Photo courtesy of BaoChau Le.

When you fall in love with a workout, you tend to only want to go to that exact workout — or at least, that’s how I am. Whether you’re totally obsessed with Revel Ride right now or can’t get enough of TORC Yoga, it’s important to still try new things and diversify your workouts, as traitorous to your favorite workout as it may feel.

To encourage you to try new workouts and studios, we rounded up 14 studios that offer new clients their first class (and, in some cases, a whole week of classes) for free. Below, find a slew of Philly studios with workouts ranging from boxing to yoga to spin to TRX, then go ahead and book your visit there for free.

CorePower Yoga

What: CorePower offers a unique variety heated yoga and of yoga fusion classes. If you like yoga with an added strength-training component, they’ve got Yoga Sculpt, a super-sweaty class that works in weights. They’ve also got killer hot power flow classes. And with their newbie promo, you get a whole week of unlimited classes for free, so you can test out all their offerings. You can sign up for your free week here.
Where: Multiple locations
Usual drop-in rate: $25

CKO Kickboxing

What: CKO’s Kickboxing classes will kick your butt. No, really — we’ve tried ’em, and they are killer. You can get your free class here.
Where: 1616 Walnut Street, Rittenhouse
Usual drop-in rate: Varying membership options

Orangetheory Fitness

What: Orangetheory classes are a combo of cardio intervals and strength training — a great way to cross train — that employ heart rate monitors throughout the 60-minute sessions to show you, in real time, just how effective the workout is. Score your free tech-y class here.
Where: 1625 Chestnut Street, Rittenhouse
Usual drop-in rate: Memberships vary

City Fitness

What: Okay, City Fitness isn’t quite a boutique fitness studio, but it’s a local gym that offers boutique-style fitness classes. Snag a seven-day pass and check out all of the classes City Fitness has to offer. City Fitness offers more than 150 group exercise classes each week, and if you snag a seven-day pass you can try quite a few of them. Have fun trying to decide which class to take first!
Where: Multiple locations.
Usual drop-in rate: Memberships vary

Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness

What: Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness’s spinning classes are 45-minute and hour-long sessions guaranteed to make you feel strong. They’ve got both typical rides and combo classes, featuring off-the-bike strength training. Choose from the options here.
Where: 89 Bethlehem Pike, Chestnut Hill.
Usual drop-in rate: $20

The Wall Fitness

What: The Wall offers indoor cycling, barre, and yoga classes — talk about a triple threat. For your free first class, take your pick from their lineup.
Where: 107 Cotton Street, Manayunk.
Usual drop-in rate: $18

Balance Chestnut Hill

What: Whatever type of class you’re looking for, chances are Balance offers it. They’re classes come in four different categories: cardio and endurance, cardio and strength, strength, and flexibility. Whether you want to burn calories with cycling or boxing or if you want to stretch your muscles with a yoga class, Balance is the place to go.
Where: 12 West Willow Grove Avenue, Chestnut Hill.
Usual drop-in rate: 30-minute class for $15 or a 45-minute to hour-long class for $20


What: This international chain boasts a dim club-like stadium in which you’ll spin, jump, and tap back to fun music. Your first ride is on the house here, and they’re currently running a promotion for a free first week for new riders. Oh, and P.S. you can rent shoes for free! #winning.
Where: 500 West Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting
Usual drop-in rate: $25

Cycle Brewerytown

What: You can find explicit rides popping up on spin schedules around the city, but this studio only does explicit rides — they’re there to encourage riders to get down and dirty to motivating beats. Check out this graffiti-coated studio where your first ride is free.
Where: 2800 West Girard Avenue, Brewerytown
Usual drop-in rate: $22

Roots Athletics

What: Specializing in martial arts-based fitness, this Best of Philly award-winning studio will not only kick your butt workout-wise, but they’ll do it in a beautiful studio as well. Check it out for yourself and take advantage of their free three-day trial.
Where: 2101 Brandywine Street, Spring Garden
Usual drop-in rate: Memberships vary


What: Offering spin, barre, and TRX, this studio can kick your butt in a number of ways, but the first butt-kicking is free.
Where: 328 North Lewis Road, Royersford
Usual drop-in rate: $17

F45 Training

What: This Australian transplant, 45-minute HIIT workout uses large screens to demonstrate the moves at every station and keep you on track of your 20 seconds on and ten seconds off regime. Check out the buzz in a free one-week trial.
Where: 936 Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr
Usual drop-in rate:

Fuel Cycle Fitness

What: Boasting TONS of cycling, boxing and combination classes like spinning and yoga, boxing and spinning and many more, you can try any of these workouts for free if you’re a newcomer.
Where: 53 Rittenhouse Place, Ardmore
Usual drop-in rate: $20

Ride Studio

What: This studio houses spin, barre, and TRX classes all under one roof—and they offer childcare. Try a class of your choosing on the house for your first visit.
Where: 225 2nd Street Pike, Southampton
Usual drop-in rate: $18

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