This New Philly-Area Fitness Studio Wants to Be the Perfect Mix of Big Box and Boutique Gym

Remix Fitness is slated to open in Horsham on August 1.

Photograph courtesy Remix Fitness.

When it comes to choosing between a big box gym and a boutique studio, the two are so different our answer would have to be “both.” On the one hand, you can do just about everything at most big box gyms – cardio, personal training, strength, group classes, you name it.

But while you do get everything under one roof at a big box gym, we’re all still happy to shell out for boutique classes. They not only give us good sweat, they’re an experience. Not only are they an experience, but they can create a sense of camaraderie and community — something you might not find while jogging on a treadmill next to six other people.

While both styles of gym have their pros, it was the tension between the two that inspired a pair of Philly-area barre instructors to open their own facility in Horsham. Called Remix Fitness, Tricia Goodman and Mary Cate Wampler’s new gym will be similar to a boutique gym, but offer more than one kind of workout, to include barre, strength, cardio, and recovery classes.

“As barre instructors, we became fast friends and fell in love with the vibe and supportive atmosphere of the boutique studio as opposed to big box gyms that can be intimating and not so personal,” says Wampler. “We wanted to combine the supportive atmosphere of a boutique with the variety of a larger gym so all levels of gym goers can make connections, but also achieve results that come from a well-rounded fitness program.”

Thus, the idea for Remix was born. With the goal of creating a boutique gym that still provides variety, the pair designed classes that mix in multiple workout styles. The studio’s 45-minute signature workout will bring in cardio to up your heart rate, barre to make your muscles shake, and strength training to make you sweat. Then there’s the Remixed Cardio class — a fast-paced workout using high and low-impact movements; the Remixed Sculpt, which uses weights and resistance bands to tone and strengthen your muscles; the Remixed Barre class that relies on those tiny, isometric moves that burn like none other; and finally, the Remixed Flex, which is all about helping your muscles recover while improving your flexibility and posture (OMG, sign us up now.).

In addition to a packed roster of classes, Remix will also provide childcare. In their playroom, kiddos can dance to music, listen to books read aloud, and play with the other tots. For kids, there are two options — $5 for just childcare or $17 for a Lil’Remix class, which includes children’s programming and educational activities.

While Remix Fitness isn’t quite open yet, the studio owners are already offering opening deals. For those who join now, an unlimited monthly membership is $99 a month, and it includes all the classes you want, along with a one-on-one with a registered dietician, and a discount on retail. Alternatively, you can go for a three-class pack, which is currently $39. Either way, Remix is definitely worth a visit after they open, as the first class is free for all new clients.

Remix Fitness is slated to open August 1 at 116 Welsh Road in Horsham. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.

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