Fitler Club Will Open With a Huge, Fancy Gym. Here’s What You’ll Find Inside.

Fitler Club's new director of health and wellness, Jayel Lewis, spills on what you'll experience at the new 25,000-square-foot fitness club.

A peek inside the plans for the Field House, Fitler Club’s upscale full-service gym. Rendering by M-Rad Architecture courtesy Fitler Club.

When David Gutstadt, a former-finance-guy-turned-Equinox-investment officer, started envisioning his lifestyle club of the future, Fitler Club, he knew that wellness would be a necessary component.

“It’s got to have health and wellness. Because that’s important to people,” he told Philadelphia this past winter.

It’s important enough, in fact, that 25,000 square feet of the upscale club will be dedicated wellness space, incorporating a huge new gym, 25-yard pool, and spa. The name of this new gym? The Field House. The brains (and brawn) behind it? Jayel Lewis, Philly fitness star.

Philly trainer Jayel Lewis is Fitler Club’s new director of health and wellness. Photograph courtesy Fitler Club.

On Friday, Be Well Philly sat down with Lewis to get the scoop on what the new fitness facilities will include. While the club won’t open until the first quarter of 2019, Lewis is already brainstorming class programming and looking for ways to bring a brand-new fitness experience to Philadelphia.

While boutique fitness — studios that specialize in one type of exercise, like indoor cycling — has been a booming trend for the past several years, the Fitler Club is taking the opposite approach with their Field House gym, looking to put everything possible under one roof. According to Lewis, there will be a spin studio, yes, but there will also be a cardio floor (with high-end equipment like Woodway treadmills and Peloton bikes), strength training space, a turf area, a golf simulator, studios for everything from mixed martial arts to yoga, and a rock wall (a rock wall!). In the pool, the club plans to host aquatic classes and swim lessons.

The 25-yard lap pool will have hot and cold plunges adjacent to it. Rendering by M-Rad Architecture courtesy Fitler Club.

When it comes to the fitness programming, Lewis wants the classes to be unique to the Fitler Club, something you won’t find at any other gym in town. She is currently working on creating a “completely different modality” for the classes, which will promote a “team spirit” atmosphere.

“Our four modalities and the things we’re really focusing on are going to be mobility, agility, speed, and strength,” says Lewis. “Everyone wants to be stronger, fitter, faster, but at the end of the day, if you can’t master your own body, you’re not going to be able to master what’s outside of it. So it’s just paying attention to your body, how it moves, how it works, and then building upon that foundation.”

But you’ll do more than just work out at the Field House; the plan is to offer a full range of wellness services. The pool area will include a hot and cold plunge (hey there, blood circulation boost), the spa will market a complete menu of treatments – from facials to sports massages — on-staff dietitians will offer nutrition counseling, and the club will have its own meditation room.

The Field House will have an attached full-service spa. Rendering by M-Rad Architecture courtesy Fitler Club.

The goal of the Fitler Club is that instead of running to a boot camp on one side of the city, then going to a spin class, then picking up a smoothie somewhere else, then heading to a spa for a massage, you’ll be able to live your best, healthiest life without ever stepping foot outside their club, which is taking all-inclusive to a whole new level.

The club may be months away from opening, but Lewis says they are “well on our way” to hitting their target member number. Memberships to the Fitler Club will include full access to the Field House — including all facilities and group exercise classes (spa services and private and semi-private training will be priced separately) — and can be applied for here.

“I’m just really excited about this time in Philadelphia,” says Lewis. “To have something here that people haven’t done yet is really exciting.”

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