Where to Find the Best Healthy Eats and Workouts in Queen Village

Mariel Freeman, owner of Three Queens Yoga and Shot Tower Coffee in Queen Village, shares her favorite spots in the neighborhood for everything from some good eatin' to where to go for a little self-care.

Queen Village | Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

Mariel Freeman by Joanna Nowak.

Philly has an insanely wonderful fitness scene, but the truth is, many of us tend to stick to our own neighborhoods — we’ve all got our favorite corner coffee shops, yoga studios, running trails, and more.

So that’s why we’re asking local fitness pros to give us a tour of their neighborhoods — and to spill all their secrets on the hidden gems they can’t quit.

Mariel Freeman, a nine-year resident of the Queen Village and Bella Vista neighborhoods — her home is literally on the dividing line between the two neighborhoods — is the owner of two flourishing businesses in Queen Village, Shot Tower Coffee and Three Queens Yoga. For this week’s healthy neighborhood tour, we asked Freeman to spill her favorite things to do in the neighborhood, covering everything from where she scores guilty pleasure “healthy snacks” to tough workout she loves to her favorite place to grab a drink on the way home after a long day — all found in Queen Village.


The Best Healthy Eats and Drinks in Queen Village

Coffee Shop: “I would probably go out of my way to go [to Ox Coffee] if Shot Tower didn’t exist. My coffee shop order is usually a black coffee, preferably a single-origin coffee from somewhere in Central America or Africa. I also love a good cappuccino. Ox has great coffee and baristas, so I know I can get either of my coffee orders there and be happy.”

Healthy breakfast or brunch spot: “Hungry Pigeon — their breakfast and brunch is the best! I usually get two eggs, hash browns and a biscuit, but I also love their avocado toast and the egg and cheese sandwich. Their buttermilk biscuits are sooooo delicious. The smell, the flavor, the texture. If you haven’t ever had one, then seriously, you must.”

Ants Pants Cafe in Queen Village | Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

Healthy lunch spot: Ants Pants is my faaaaavorite! How lucky are we that we got ants pants in Queen Village? The vibe, the menu and the food — it’s all so great. My goal is to eat my way through the menu because I always want everything on it when I’m there. If I’m being honest, my favorite thing so far has been the BLT, but it’s not the healthiest. I also love the omelettes and tater tots, and I always get fresh carrot ginger juice.”

Mustard Greens in Queen Village | Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

Healthy date night spot: “Mustard Greens because it’s healthy, clean, and delicious Chinese food. The general chicken is TO. DIE. FOR. I could eat it everyday! I love the casual vibe at Mustard Greens.”

Bar: Royal Sushi and Izakaya. My order is miso soup, shrimp shumai, and the guac roll. To drink, it’s the kikusui sake ‘Chrysanthemum Mist,’ which is highly refreshing. I like going to Royal Izakaya for a quick healthy snack and drink on my home from evening yoga classes at Three Queens.”

Healthy takeout: “Before Caviar and Grubhub, it was Sushi Planet. I love sushi. My healthy takeout order is a sweet potato tempura roll, salmon avocado roll, miso soup, and seaweed salad.”

Grocery store for healthy foods: I love shopping at Essene for healthy snacks — AKA junk food disguised as health food. They carry these lentil chips — The Daily Crave Lentil Chips Himalayan Pink Salt — that I love and can’t find anywhere else.”

Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

The Best Workouts in Queen Village

Gym: SoMA Movement and Therapeutics because they are all about intelligent fitness and the importance of mindful, functional movement. I love nerding-out with these guys, and they make me sore in the most nuanced ways.”

Workout class: Zendurance at SoMA, which combines yoga-inspired movements with circuit-style strength training. It’s a dynamic, mindful, and fun total-body workout!”

The Best Self-Care in Queen Village

Park: “I love playing with my son at Weccacoe and Shot Tower playgrounds. I like snacking outside, sitting outside, and sidewalk chalk.”

Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

Beauty treatment: “I’m a forever fan of the organic microdermabrasion facial at Fabriq. I’m also dying to try their facial acupuncture.”

Self-care spot: 4th Street Nails. You need two hours for a mani and pedi because they massage your hands, legs, and feet like you paid for an expensive massage!”

4th Street Nails in Queen Village | Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

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