A New Natural and Organic Market Is Coming to South Broad Street

Sprouts Farmers Market has a new storefront planned at the Lincoln Square development.

Photograph courtesy Sprouts Farmers Market.

When it comes to new urban living developments, the real status symbol these days isn’t in to be found in rooftop gardens, accessible parking, or dog parks. The real sign you’ve struck gold? Grocery stores — even better if they’re organic.

So while we knew that Lincoln Square — the new mixed-use development on Broad and Washington — was going to be pretty nice from the rooftop fire pits, onsite bike workshop, golf simulator, and $100-million-dollar price tag, the fact that a new Philly Sprouts Farmers Market is opening onsite really seals the deal.

Photograph courtesy Sprouts Farmers Market.

Sprouts Farmers Market is based in Phoenix, Arizona and they have storefronts all over the country — 115 of which are in California alone — but their new shop on South Broad Street will be the first in Pennsylvania.

“As we continue to enter new markets, we’re pleased with the customer response to Sprouts’ unique combination of health and value,” said Sprouts chief development officer Ted Frumkin, in a press release. “We’re looking forward to bringing healthy living for less to new neighbors in Philadelphia and the Mill Creek area of Seattle later this year.”

Sprouts Farmers Markets prioritize fresh, all-natural, and organic products at accessible price points — with everything from produce, meat, and seafood to vitamins and natural body care products on the shelves. They’re also committed to lowering food waste — they donate unsold, but still edible, food to local food banks. Anything that’s not fit for human consumption is composted or goes to feed cattle farms.

Photograph courtesy Sprouts Farmers Market.

There’s currently no opening date for Sprouts Farmers Market at 1000 South Broad Street, but it’s projected to be up and running in the third quarter of 2018 — good news for anyone who’s already putting down a deposit for an apartment at Lincoln Square.

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