This “Rosé & Slay” Dance Class Will Bring Out Your Inner Beyoncé

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Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

Ever since we tried out Alexis Rose Artis’ Beyoncé-themed dance class[1] — or, really, every since we saw her hair-flipping, hip-shaking classes on Instagram[2] — we’ve wondered, When is this class coming to downtown Philly?!

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Before now, the Alexis Rose Xperience[4] — a dance fitness class that involves both cardio and choreography — was only available in Plymouth Meeting and Fort Washington. But starting April 15, the classes will also be hosted smack in the middle of Philly at Headlong Dance Theater[5].

The class on April 15 — called “Rosé & Slay” — will feature an hour-long dance lesson with Artis. And by “dance lesson,” we mean a lot of dance-inspired cardio to the reining queens of pop music, after which everyone will learn a choreographed dance sequence. And at the end, rosé and fruit will be served as refreshments.

But if you’re busy on April 15, don’t fret: This isn’t your only chance to catch the Alexis Rose Xperience. Starting in May, Artis plans to host the pop-up class at Headlong every Sunday, with even more classes in the works starting in the summertime.

Headlong Dance Theater is located at 1170 S Broad Street. The noon class on April 15 isn’t yet open for registration, but you can keep an eye on the schedule to sign up here[6]. Alexis Rose Xperience classes are $25 for your first two, or $15 for a single class.

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